The Leadership Studies Portfolio Defense by k43ThJ


									 The Leadership Studies
    Portfolio Defense

Carol A. Perry
LS Doctoral Student
September 18, 2006
           My Committee

 Dr. Dennis Anderson, Chair
 Dr. Jerry Jones
 Dr. Lisa Heaton
                Program Mission

“The mission of the Doctoral Program in Education is to
  prepare practitioners to be reflective, ethical educators
  and researchers who contribute to the field of
  education. Program faculty are committed to creating a
  community of scholars through mentoring, engaging in
  collaborative research, and maintaining a focus on
  sound educational practices.”

Student and Faculty Handbook
Marshall University Doctoral Program in Education
April 2006

 a. Co-authoring a proposal for submission and co-
  presenting at a regional or national conference in
  collaboration with a faculty member

 Dr. Dennis Anderson, Monica Brooks, Ericka
  Zimmerman, and I presented “The Doc Student
  Portfolio Process: A Meaningful Alternative to Comps,
  Sub-Theme: New models for leadership preparation”
  for the 45th Annual SRCEA in Raleigh, NC in
  November 2004.

This presentation explored the newly initiated
  portfolio process to meet residency
  requirements for the doctoral program.

 Through the process of developing this
  presentation, the three of us developed as
  supportive cohort for our continued progress
  through the program
 Being the first activity for my portfolio, I
  recognized areas needing improvement for
  future success
     Professional/academic Pursuits

 c. Developing a course in collaboration with a faculty

 Assisted in the development of CIEC 583: Introduction
  to Online Course Development and Delivery with Dr.
  Lisa Heaton and fellow student Michael Murphy

 Created a course description to narrow
  the focus of the course
 Established outcomes for the course
 Developed assessment methods for all

Interviews                   Collaboration

             Final Product

 This was a challenging and interesting project
  by providing me an introduction to theory of
  curriculum development
 Provided me the insight of looking at course
  development not just from a supervisory
  aspect but from a theoretical point of view
    Professional/academic Pursuits

 a. Co-teaching a course with a faculty member
 c. Developing a course in collaboration with a
  faculty member

 Assisted Dr. Bobbi Nicholson in the
  development and teaching of a course on
  ethics, specifically educational ethics

 Required background reading to prepare
 Discussions to determine appropriate
  readings to include
 Worked with publisher to provide
  customized text for the course

 Having a quantitative background, the
  development of this course provided the
  opportunity to look at ethics more in depth and
  from a theoretical perspective
 Co-teaching the course provided the
  opportunity to apply the knowledge gained and
  gave me insight into dealing with individuals in
  the future
                      Other Activities

 Co-authoring and submission for publication of
  an article “Using the Web to Meet Rural Library
  Training and Development Needs” with Monica
  Brooks in June 2005
       Monica Brooks, Associate Dean of Libraries, Marshall University
       Carol Perry, Associate Dean of General Studies, Marshall Community & Technical
       May 28, 2005

       Using the Web to Meet Rural Library Training and Development Needs

       Katie Lowe’s last job was working at the local convenient store in her little mountain
       town in West Virginia a few weeks after her high school graduation. While she had
       worked her way up to night manager, this shift was not easy to manage with twins at
       home. With a more flexible work schedule in mind, she began to look for employment in
       other types of environments. A few years later, when she started at the public library,
        Other Activities cont.

 Collaborated with Monica Brooks to develop
  Public Library Technology Certificate and
  Associate in Applied Science degrees currently
  offered by Marshall Community and Technical
        Other Activities cont.

 Co-presented “Web-based Workforce
  Development: A Public Library Training Model”
  at the WV State Joint Information Technology
  Conference in Charleston, WV in August 2004
  with Heather Campbell and Monica Brooks
            Other Activities cont

 Presentation titled “The Doc Student Portfolio:
  A Meaningful Alternative to Residency and
  Comps” with Dr. Teresa Eagle, Dr. Michael
  Cunningham, and Ericka Zimmerman at the
  NCPEA Conference in Washington, D.C. in
  July 2005

As a doctoral student working in the field of
 higher education, the change in the
 residency requirement to a portfolio
 process was very beneficial. The process
 forces the students continually look for
 projects to collaborate with faculty that
 apply the theories and concepts studied
 in the classroom.
            Summary cont.

The portfolio process provides the
 opportunity for interaction between
 faculty and students as well as student to
 student that might not develop as full for
 working adult students. The projects that
 are included in the process are initiatives
 that will enhance each of the students in
 their pursuit of their career goals.
           Summary cont.

While comprehensive exams have their
 merit, the portfolio requirement truly
 allows students to apply the theories and
 concepts studied in the classroom, which
 ultimately will help in the development of
 better prepared educational leaders.
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