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					                             Move out Information and Instructions
            We have appreciated your residency 101 Wells and are sorry to see you go!

                    Your move out date is scheduled for: ___________________.
                    Your lease end date is:_______________________________.
                     (if you are terminating early please review the early termination guidelines)

Below are a few steps to follow and some information for you as you prepare to move out:

    1. Turn in all apartment keys, mailbox keys and parking permits. Place all items in an envelope and
       note your apartment number and letter on the outside. Keys can be dropped in the office drop box
       in the lobby of the building. Charges will apply for any items not returned.

    2. Your security deposit will be refunded in ONE check, with all roommates’ names on it, approximately 45
       business days after lease end date. If you would like the check made payable to only one person; note that
       below and be sure to have ALL residents sign. We are unable to issue separate checks.

    3. The Sample Move Out Charges sheet will show you some of the charges for items damaged above
       normal wear and tear. Please make sure the apartment is clean, empty of all furniture, vacuumed, free of
       carpet stains and holes in the walls should be patched. Normal wear and tear is acceptable such as
       furniture scuffs, small nail holes, etc. The following are a few items to pay special attention to:

            a.   Please be sure to clean your broiler and oven thoroughly.
            b.   Completely wipe down all granite counters in bath and kitchen.
            c.   Double check that all closets are empty.
            d.   Clean out refrigerator completely.
            e.   Check all cabinets and wipe down inside and out.
            f.   Broom sweep hardwood, vacuum carpet.
            g.   Thoroughly clean bathroom sinks, showers, tubs and toilets.
            h.   Please do not leave furniture by the dumpsters. There are several companies that accept
                 donations and can pickup gently used items; 1-800-Got Junk or The Salvation Army may be able to

    4. If you have painted you’ll need to prime and/or repaint the walls back to the original color; which is a
       flat bone white on the walls and a semi gloss on the trim. Paint can be purchased from any Sherwin
       Williams store. If we have to prime and repaint over a color, cost for a one bed can start at $275.
    5. After an 8 week period, if you did not receive your deposit back, please call the office to see if there
       is an outstanding balance on your account.

Fill out the information below and return with your keys and parking passes:

Apt #_______

Please return the Security Deposit (in one check) made payable to:

________________________                 _________________________                 _____________________
Name                                     Name                                      Name

Please mail the security deposit to the following address:



ALL residents must sign:

__________________________________                ________________________________
Resident                                          Resident


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