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									Dan Moore                                                               Huxley 627
IC Mathematics                                                          ext. 48510

                                                                        05 October 2012

  a. Standard interface works
  b. plot3d(x*y*sin(x*y),x=-Pi..Pi,y=-Pi..Pi);
     draws a plot that can be turned and spun using the mouse.
  b. The Tutorial is installed and works.
  c. ?assume gives a sensible response
  d. All of the above works for the Classical interface.
  e. Help works

 a. Word shows a button for instream and separate block equations
 b. Mathtype comes up when this button is clicked
 c. Export to MathML feature works

Bakoma Tex check list
 a. Centaur opens and 'compiles' sample.tex
 b. DVIEW produces readable PDF and Postscript files and properly
     displays the TeX
 c. Check that DVIEW prints properly to 'intelligent' local printers,
     particularly the ligatures: ss, fs,fi etc.
 d. The Spell Check works with both the England and American
     dictionary options.
 e. Drag and drop figure insertion works.
 f. TexWord works.
 g. Raw TeX, Latex2e, Latex209, AMStex and AMSLatex all work
    (Samples to be provided along with the registration file)

Excel Check List:
  a. Import Text file works.
  b. Bessel function BESSELJ(x,I) works

Octave and Matlab Check List:
    should give graph!

C++ Cygwin, Salford, Intel & MS Visual Studio
    #include <stdio.h>
       int main(void)
       {return(printf(“\n Hello World! \n”));}
    Must work for all compilers.
     Check that the Intel C/C++ and FORTRAN95 Compilers are
     Integrated into Visual Studio
      Salford Fortran95, Intel Fortran 95, CYGWIN g77 & g95
       must work for all compilers

           print *,’Pi = ‘, 4.d0*datan(1.D0)

 Open Tiger, print to .gif file.

SPlus & R

while(ico < 100){
     print("Don't Stop Me Now")
print("OK Then")

Exceed – Click on Icon, read and follow Text file instructions.
  Does it work?

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