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									Santa Mouse,
Where Are You?




When Santa mouse, Santa’s tiny helper, falls off
the sleigh one snowy Christmas Eve, Is he lost
forever? Here is a holiday favorite about a very
    brave little mouse and his unforgettable
                   --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Share with me what this story is about.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Do you go and cut a tree down at your house.

(2)   Suppose you were Santa mouse, would you like being Santa’s
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Where does Santa Mouse put his tiny gift?

(3)   Pretend you are the little boy in the story, have you ever put a
      star on top of a Christmas tree?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     What kind of things go on your Christmas tree at home.

(4)   Guess what color ribbon Santa Mouse used for his very special
(Answer)    Yellow.
(Follow Up)    Do you like to wrap presents.

(5) Tell me what “ as fast as lightning” means.
(Answer)    Going very, very fast. Like in a flash
(Follow Up)   Do you think that’s how fast Santa goes on Christmas night?

(6) On page 16, what happened to Santa Mouse’s present?
(Answer)    It fell off the sleigh.
(Follow Up)     How do you think Santa Mouse felt after it fell?

(7)   Share with me what happened when Santa Mouse tried to save
      the present.
(Answer)     He fell right off the sleigh.
(Follow Up)    Who was Santa Mouse calling when he was falling?

(8) On page 19, what did Santa Mouse think of doing?
(Answer)    Tucked his whiskers in his suit, took the paper and the ribbon
            and produced a parachute.
(Follow Up)   Have you ever seen anyone come down in a parachute

(9)   Look on page 22, what did the wind seem to whisper to him?
(Answer)    Santa Mouse, where are you, where are you?
(Follow Up)   If that was you, would you be scared?

(10) Share with me where Santa finally found Santa Mouse.
(Answer)    Sleeping in the Christmas tree.
(Follow Up)    On the night Santa Clause comes, is it hard for you to get to

1.   Draw a picture of Santa Mouse coming down with his parachute.
     Explain how a parachute works. Why does it slow you down?

2.   Draw a Christmas tree. Name different things you can put on it.

3.   Write about a time you got something you really wanted for

4.   Make a list of people in your family, put what you would like to get
     them for Christmas.


1.   Bring in a stuffed mouse and picture of a Christmas tree. Ask what
     these two items might have to do with the story.

2.   Show pictures from the book. Discuss what is going on and ask
     them to predict what might happen.

3.   Show front of the book, ask, do you think a tiny mouse could be
     Santa’s helper? Let’s read and find out.

Book: Santa Mouse, Where are You?
Author: Michael Brown                      Illustrator: Nina Barbaresi
ISBN: 0-448-19109-1                        # of Text Pages: 29        AR: N/A LEX: N/A
                                Building Oral Vocabulary
16          lightning         18           sleigh            24           sniffle
                                  Prediction Questions
11 What is Santa Mouse going do with that yellow ribbon?
17 Oh no! he fell off. What happens next?
24 Where will that yellow glow lead him?

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     the Kentucky Commission on Community and Volunteer Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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