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									 User’s Manual

  Make sure that the following items are included:

                                          An optical USB VoIP Mouse


                           P                A mini Installation CD

This manual is for the driver version of the VoIP mouse.


You can use these VoIP USB optical mouse as a mini computer speakers, or as a phone.
Thanks to the full-function keyboard you can use comfortably surf the Internet or various
VoIP services.


1.5m USB cable (USB 2.0) 800 dpi optical sensor Speakers:

Excellent sound quality

48 KHz

To provide headset to your privacy

VoIP Phone:

Automatic connection of mouse and VoIP phone
Direct connection to Skype, VoipBuster, VoipStunt, VoipCheap, VoipDiscount, Internetcalls,
Internet calls, Poivy, WebCallDirect, VoipCheapCom, Freecall and Netappel.

Monochrome 128 * 64 pixel LCD with backlight. Supports all languages.

VoIP contact list, caller list, call history, time and caller ID display on the



Various selectable ring tones.

Full function keypad and LCD allow Answering and making

Calls without a keyboard and mouse.

Good audible tones.

Acoustically isolated in ear headphones and microphone

Duplex communication with excellent sound.


Weight 119g
Dimensions 99mm * 50mm * 29mm
Cable 1.5M USB Cable (USB 2.0)
LCD 29mm * 13.5mm, 128 * 64 pixels
800 dpi optical sensor
2.5mm headphone jack
Voltage 4 ~ 5.25 V
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 degrees

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Minimum: Pentium 400MHz/128MB RAM/16MB free disk space.
One free USB port.
Internet connection (ADSL, cable modem, wireless LAN) for VoIP phone


Other Features
Speakerphone: Further information can be found in this guide under "FAQs".


Button Explanation
LCD Symbol

Getting Started

Use as a mouse and speakers

Connect to the VoIP mouse to an available USB port on your computer. Now that VoIP can be
used as a mouse as a mouse and speakers.
Use as a VoIP Phone

To use the device as a VoIP phone, you must first install the following software:

Step 1: Install the latest VoIP applications
You need the latest version of Skype (version 2.0 or newer). You can
download the latest version of Skype on the official website:


Step 2: Install the latest VoIP Mouse driver

Insert the supplied CD into your PC or download the latest version of the
VoIP Mouse driver download:

The display on the LCD screen changes and a green icon appears in

the taskbar. Now you can take with VoIP calls and mouse.

Drivers symbols meaning

(Green) The link is working.

(Grade) The link between mouse and VoIP is the application interrupted. (For more
information, see this Operating under "FAQs" Question 1)
(Red)The mouse has no connection (to the computer more Information can be found in
this guide below "FAQs" Question 2.)

Step 3: Start of a VoIP application

Press the button        (Menu) and select with               Active VoIP

Press the button         (OK) to see the following icons on your computer screen:
Select the desired application with VoIP                  out. Press         (ok)

Note: There is a second way to start a VoIP application to:

Perform a right-click the driver icon and select the menu item "Active VoIP".
Then select the desired application

Step 4: Adjusting the Smart Router

There are cheaper providers of VoIP telephony. The "Intelligent Router provides the
Opportunity to use this service. You can set it as follows:
Perform a right-click the driver icon and select
"Options". Click on "Advanced" and "use the following VoIP service."
Your calls will now be automatically made via the selected provider.
To make a free VoIP call, click to use "free VoIP services." If the service is not available, then
all calls made via SkypeOut service (registration, Skype is necessary).
If the free VoIP service is unavailable, you can select both options ( "FREE to use VoIP
service" and "use the following VoIP services") to allow all Skype calls are forwarded to the
selected VoIP service.

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