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					                             DPS TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

                                Athletic Schedule Guidelines

In an effort to provide you, the customer, with better transportation support, the following
guidelines have been developed:
   Please be prompt on departure times to events. The bus will leave exactly 10 minutes after
    scheduled pick up times
   When a bus has been scheduled and is not needed email
    and cancel as soon as possible. There will be a charge of $105.00 for weekdays and a
    minimum charge of $132.00 for Saturdays billed to your school when a bus is
    scheduled and has zero passengers. This represents the minimum 4 hour pay as specified
    in our Union Contract.
   A bus which has zero passengers on the pick up will automatically be cancelled for the
   Coaches must go through their school’s Athletic Director to arrange transportation for non-
    league games, scrimmages and changes not on the original schedule this will be done in
    Web Trips.
   The original athletic request must be received at least 10 days prior to the anticipated
    athletic date.
   Athletic requests for mountain trips and/or overnight trips must be pre-approved thru the
    Athletic office and Transportation. Requests must be received a minimum of 10 pupil contact
    days prior to the event.
Note: Sponsor must pay for driver’s food and lodging on overnight trips.
Wednesday at noon is the cut off to schedule Saturday buses. Requests made after noon
will not be honored unless proper justification is received from the Karen Higel, Director of
Your Athletic schedule can be viewed in Webtrips at your convenience.
If you have any questions, please email me at or call 720-423-
4620, cell 303-909-0313.
Additional telephone numbers:
    Monday thru Friday dispatch or 720-423-4624
    Saturday telephone number 303-909-0176 (cell phone).

Athletic Bus Policy; Cancellations
The Department of Transportation keeps Web Trips updated on a regular basis. After review by
the Athletic directors on a weekly basis, updates to the schedule must be sent to the Athletic
Supervisor. Cancellations “must” be e-mailed to the Department of Transportation, Celeste
Gallegos 720-423-4620, before noon for a week day schedule or by noon on Friday for
Saturday events.
This is especially important this year because of budget restrictions.
In accordance with the Union Contract, the Department of Transportation must guarantee a
minimum of four (4) hours to a bus driver who works on Saturday. In some instances it is
necessary to use overtime. In addition to labor cost, the cost to operate a school bus is
approximately $1.95 per mile.
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In an effort to save the Department of Transportation unnecessary costs, schools will be
charged a minimum set cost of $132.00 for failing to cancel a Saturday bus and $105.00
for not canceling a week day athletic bus when no one uses the bus. It is hoped that
situations of this type will be minimal or non-existent in the coming school year.

Driver Shortages; Cancellation of Athletics

On those afternoons where we have exhausted all of our driver pool, we need to be able to
cancel athletic requirements on short notice thereby allowing us to be able to meet the priority of
getting students home.
At the beginning of the school year we establish/assign a number of routes/drivers to meet the
demands of middle/high school athletics and after school activities (ASA’s). These same drivers
are asked to come in early (overtime) and transport kids to school when we are short drivers.
Typically these drivers punch in at 1:45 p.m. However, when we use these drivers in the
morning to bring students to school, we also need them in the afternoon to bring students home.
Therefore, they are not available to drive in support of middle/high school athletics.
We currently have procedures in place to assign driver trainers, routers, dispatchers,
mechanics, management, etc. to many of the regular education, athletic and after-school
requirements when we have a significant driver shortfall. These processes are routinely
followed but we have no other safety net.
Transportation management must have the authority to cancel practice athletic buses
and, if necessary, middle/high school game buses on those days where there is a
shortage of drivers and we are unable to meet requirements. We will attempt to develop a
method that predicts service shortfalls as soon as possible in the afternoon, thereby providing
the maximum notification time possible. My proposal to effect bus cancellation is to call the
Athletic Department, Karen Higel, and then notify the respective school’s points of contact,
normally the Athletic Directors. Our priority for transportation support in the afternoons highest
to lowest is as follows:
1. Home from school (regular and Special Education)
2. High school athletics (games)
3. Middle school athletics (games)
4. High school athletics (practices)
5. Middle school athletics (practices)

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