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					CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation

5th May 2006

CTC expands MTB team
CTC is today pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Warby as its new
Senior Cycling Development Officer responsible for off-road issues.

Ian will use the wealth of experience he gained from his time as founder and
manager of the nationally-renowned Aston Hill MTB facility near Aylesbury to
work on a range of projects including the development of CTC’s mountain bike
training courses.

CTC Off-Road Development Manager, Rob Fuller said: “During his time at Aston
Hill, Ian developed the site from scratch and developed training courses that
have brought thousands of new riders into the sport. It’s exactly this type of
experience that will enable CTC to cater for current and future mountain bikers.”

Ian Warby said: “I’m excited about being able to use my skills at a national level
to enable CTC to truly represent the mountain bike community.”

CTC has also made permanent the appointment of Richard George, its Off-Road
Campaigner. Richard has been spearheading CTC’s successful campaign to
confirm cyclists’ ability to claim Rights of Way, and will be campaigning for a
widespread review of Access and Rights of Way law in England and Wales.

Richard George said: “The campaign for improved rights for off-road cyclists has
shown that mountain bikers can be a political force to be reckoned with. The
challenge now is to build on that success – and over the coming months CTC will
be pushing hard to see Access law brought up to date – but for now, there’s a lot
you can do that will make a difference to your local trails. We’ve produced a
number of guides to help you, available at www.ctc.org.uk/campaigns/.”

For more information including photography contact CTC Media Officer Yannick
Read 0870 873 0063

Notes to editors

      CTC is the national organisation for all cyclists in the UK and Ireland, including children,
       families, and commuters. CTC has 70,000 members and affiliates and is the oldest and
       largest cycling body in the UK.
      For details of all CTC services visit www.ctc.org.uk

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