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									                                 Louise Arbour Hospitality and Tourism
                                  Newspaper/ Magazine Article Project
Newspapers and magazines are a continuing source of current information relating to the
hospitality and tourism industry. The success of the industry depends largely on advertising,
promotion and feature articles on where to go, what to do when you get there, where to stay,
where and what to eat etc..

Your mission is as follows:
  1. Collect five (5) articles of acceptable length from reputable sources on topics related to the
      Hospitality and Tourism industry. Use the five sectors of tourism to help you choose related
      pieces of writing:

          1)   accommodation: hotels, guest homes, campgrounds
          2)   food and beverage services: restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, speciality markets
          3)   recreation and entertainment: galleries, parks, sports, casinos
          4)   transportation: airlines, motor vehicles, sightseeing, cruises
          5)   travel services: travel agents, tour operators, visitors' bureaus

      Choose topics that you are interested in, they do not all have to be related. One could be
      about a restaurant review the other about a new vacation hot spot in Florida. If you are
      unsure about any of the articles that you have chosen, show them to your teacher and they
      will let you know whether they are acceptable.

   2. Always note where the article came from: include the source ie. Magazine or newspaper
      name and the date when it was printed.

   3. Read each article, underline or highlight on the article points that are interesting,
      information that you did not know before reading the piece.

   4. Write a summary of each article that outlines the main points of the article. Correct
      spelling and proper sentences in paragraph form must be observed.

   5. Write a separate conclusion for each article summarizing what you have learned from the
      article. Correct spelling and proper sentences in paragraph form must be observed.

   6. Acceptable format:
      May be handed in as a booklet or you may mount each article neatly on bristle board
      Include the source of the article and the article if possible
      Submit rubric with your assignment
      Typed summary and conclusion
      Please do not use a font smaller then a 12 point font

   7. Read the rubric to understand exactly how you will be evaluated before you begin
      searching for articles.

Due Date for your 5 articles:___________________________________

Final Due Date: _____________________________________________
                         How to write a summary
1. READ THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL. When summarizing another’s work, read the entire piece
   before jotting down a word. In this way, you will get a complete picture. You have to
   understand the original before you can summarize it effectively.

2. SKIM THROUGH THE ORIGINAL. Skim the original two or three times, writing significant
   points (usually found in the topic sentences of individual paragraphs) Try to identify the key
   sentence, which usually states the controlling idea of the original (thesis statement). Omit
   all minor supporting details such as introductions, explanations, illustrations, examples and

3. REWRITE IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Rewrite the points in your own words, following the
   original order of presentation. Include all important data in the first draft, even if you use too
   many words, You can always trim them later. Avoid judgemental comments ( the author
   doesn’t know what their talking about.. etc…) and no outside data, your job is to represent,
   not amplify the original document.

4. EDIT YOUR OWN VERSION. When you are sure you have everything the reader needs,
   edit your own version, aiming for the most clarity with the fewest words.

   a) Cross out all of your needless words without compromising clarity. Do not delete “a”,
      “an” or “the” from any of your writing. Express all statements in grammatically complete

   b) Cross out all of the needless prefaces such as “ The author writes…” or “The food critic
      discovered…” or “Also discussed is...”

   c) Try to incorporate related ideas through subordination within longer sentences

5. CHECK YOUR VERSION AGAINST THE ORIGINAL. When your own version is tightened
   and refined, check it against the original to make sure you have preserved the essential
   message, followed the original order and added no extraneous comments or data.

6. REWRITE YOUR EDITED VERSION. Rewrite, following an introduction–body– conclusion
   structure. Add transitional words and phrases to reinforce the logical connection between
   related ideas.

7. DOCUMENT YOUR SOURCE. If you are summarizing another’s work, identify the source
   in a bibliographical note immediately above the summary and place directly quoted
   statements in quotation marks.
                                         Newspaper Article Project Rubric

Criteria                       Level 4                 Level 3              Level 2               Level 1                 Mark
                               80-100%                 70-79%               60-69%                50-59%                  Assigned

K&U: Student underlines        Shows through and       Shows                Shows some            Shows limited
key ideas and                  insightful              considerable         understanding of      understanding of
demonstrates in their          understanding of        understanding of     ideas and             ideas and
article summary an             ideas and               ideas and            information           information
understanding of ideas;        information             information                                                           15
information and key
concepts are underlined
                                        15                                  7.5                   3.75
on the actual article and
summary is written/typed                                      11.25
in the correct format
                                                       Written/Typed        Written/Typed         Written/Typed
Communication:                 Written/Typed
                                                       work was             work was              work was
(written & visual)             work was
                                                       completed with       completed with        completed with
Summary is concise,            completed with a
                                                       considerable         some clarity;         limited clarity;
proper spelling and            high degree of
                                                       clarity; visual      visual material was   visual material was
grammar were used;             clarity; visual                                                                               15
                                                       material was         employed with         employed with
articles and summaries         material was
                                                       employed with        some accuracy and     limited accuracy
are attached in an             employed with a
                                                       considerable         effectiveness         and effectiveness
organized and secure           high degree of
                                                       accuracy and
manner, the source of the      accuracy and
articles is noted              effectiveness                                        7.5                   3.75
                                         15                    11.25
                                                       Considerable         Limited evidence      Very little
Think/Inquiry                  A great deal of
                                                       evidence of          of research,          evidence of
Evidence of research into      research and
                                                       research,            Limited attention     research, very little
more then one source;          attention was paid
                                                       considerable         was paid to article   attention was paid
articles are of acceptable     to article choice and
                                                       attention was paid   choice and length     to article choice
length and from reputable      length
                                                       to article choice                          and length
sources; good quality and                              and length                                                            10
variety in the choice of
articles representing at                                                              5                   2.5
                                        10                       7.5
least 4 of the eight sectors
of tourism
                               Conclusion is           Conclusion is        Conclusion is         Conclusion is
Assignment Conclusion:
                               written/typed with a    written/typed with   written/typed with    written/typed with
Concisely summarizes           high degree of          a considerable       some degree of        a limited degree of
key points learned using       effectiveness           degree of            effectiveness         effectiveness
correct grammar and                                    effectiveness
spelling from reading 5                                                                                                      10
hospitality & tourism
related articles                        10                       7.5                  5                   2.5
Overall mark

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