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Sample Cover Letters - DOC

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This is an example of cover letters. This document is useful for creating cover letters.

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									                                                                         Your Address
                                                                    Telephone Number

Name of contact person
Name of Organisation

Dear Name (or Sir/Madam as appropriate)

Opening Paragraph: Identify yourself: then indicate the position for which you are
applying and state where you learned about the vacancy (Careers Service,
newspaper, etc.).

Second Paragraph: State why you are interested in this work and this organisation.
Briefly mention your academic background, relevant qualification(s), and related work
experience which qualify you for the position. Summarise your talents and how they
might benefit the employer. (Remember, you are seeking to persuade the reader to
see you).

Third Paragraph: Refer to the fact that you have enclosed your CV or application
form, and draw attention to any further points of relevance to your application.

Final Paragraph: Reiterate your interest and indicate your availability for interview.
Close your letter with a confident statement which will encourage a positive

Yours sincerely (or faithfully)
Your signature, (hand-written)
Your name, in block capitals
Sample Cover Letter 1

                                                                   123 Paul Street,
                                                                   Tel:021 503020
                                                                         May 20__

Ms. Josephine Noonan,
Noonan and Murphy Accountants,
23 North Mall,

Dear Ms. Noonan,

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a trainee accountant, which is
currently advertised on the Careers Service website at University College Cork,
where I am a final year Economics student.

During my studies at University College Cork, I have opted for modules relating
to accounting and business economics, and have achieved excellent results. As
you will see from my CV I have spent the summer vacation period working in a
local accountancy firm. Although the work was initially clerical, I soon progressed
to audit work and thoroughly enjoyed this.

Your firm is of particular interest to me because it is of medium size and therefore
will allow me to become involved quickly as a team member. I enjoy challenges
and have always found problem solving very satisfying. For these reasons the
accountancy profession appears to suit my skills. I am keen to progress rapidly
towards a professional qualification and I am aware that you place great
emphasis on training.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the post and my own background in
more detail, and would be available for interview at any time from the beginning
of June onwards.

Yours sincerely,

Anne McManus
Sample Covering Letter 2
                                                                               Joe Bloggs
                                                                           123, High Street

                                                                 Daytime Tel: 01 4567 890
                                                                 Evening Tel: 089 123 456

10 June, 200_

Mr Jon Jones,
HR Executive,
ABC123 Corporation,
123 Kings Avenue,
B12 5QP.

Dear Mr Jones,

Re: Market Research Assistant (as advertised on Careers Service Website UCC April 200_)

Following on from our conversation yesterday, I would like to apply for the market
research position you advertised in April on the Careers Service Website of University
College Cork. I believe that my background in undergraduate research, my training in
psychology and sociology and my work experience equip me to make a valuable
contribution to ABC123 Corporation.

In May, I will complete my BA in Psychology and Sociology from University College Cork,
Ireland. As part of the requirements for this degree, I am involved in a senior marketing
research project. This has given me valuable experience interviewing and surveying
research subjects and assisting with the analysis of the data collected. I have completed a
course in statistics and research methods and have a good knowledge also of SPSS. This
has given me valuable experience at undertaking Primary and Secondary Research in
addition to Qualitative and Quantitative data analysis.

In addition to my studies, my previous experience also includes employment in the
marketing department of a local retail store. The small size of this business has enabled
me to have exposure to and participate in most aspects of managing a business, including
budgeting, advertising and marketing.

Your advertisement, as detailed above, was of particular interest to me because it offers a
new challenge in an environment which I find extremely stimulating and enjoyable. You
see from my enclosed CV, my background is particularly relevant to your requirements and
I feel that the combination of my business experience and social science research training
is well-suited to the marketing research position you described.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my application and look
forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Joe Bloggs
Sample Covering Letter 3

                                                                                  Jane Terry
                                                                                 4 The Drive
                                                                                College Road

01 July 200_,

Dear Dr Murphy,

I am writing with reference to your recent advertisement in the Irish Examiner for a Network
Engineer (Ref. ABC123).

I have recently completed my BSc degree in Computer Science with an Upper Second Class
Honours from University College Cork.

As you can see from my Curriculum Vitae, I can offer a considerable amount of relevant
experience, including:

       A degree which has included several courses related to network design and
        topologies, network administration and TCP/IP.
       Network management based BSc project: Managing security within a complex
        business environment
       Experience in applying network design techniques to reduce network administration.
       Familiarity with network management procedures and equipment in common use.

In addition, to my technical experience I have excellent interpersonal and communication
skills having given several presentations at University throughout my four years.

I am very keen to apply my skills and experience in the I.T. Industry and would find this a
challenging and enjoyable position.

I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome the opportunity to discuss my
application in greater detail.

Yours sincerely ,

Jane Terry

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