How to Fight Facial Acne by varijanshetty


									How to Fight Facial Acne

If you suffer from breakouts of acne and pimples, this article can be of
great help to you. Both teenagers and adults can have problems with acne.
With a little self-education, you can keep your skin healthy and take
care of acne problems before they get serious.

The foods you eat make a big difference. Chips and sweets contain empty
calories and contribute to the formation of acne problems. Eating a
healthy variety of fruits, vegetables, lean sources of protein and good
grains gives your body all of the nutrients it needs to perform well with
the added benefit of being wonderful for your skin.

It is very important to stay hydrated. Sugary, caffeine-laden sodas will
not quench your thirst. This type of drink does not satisfy your thirst
or keep you hydrated. The best drink for staying hydrated is always plain
water. However, if your taste buds are still screaming for a sweet
beverage, think about making your own fresh-squeezed juice. Juicing is
simple; it requires only a juicer and some fresh fruits or vegetables.
Compared to store-bought juice, freshly made juice from a juicer is
packed with much more nutrition. Also, it will help improve your skin's

A quality nutritional supplement you may want to try is called Maca or
scientifically known as lepidium meyenii. It has a balancing effect on
the systems of your body. It provides this benefit without any side
effects. Start with a low dose and take this supplement according to the
manufacturer's instructions to achieve the best possible results.

Check the cleanser you use, and make sure it's not full of abrasive
chemicals. If it is, your skin could become dried out and damaged. Locate
a natural, gentle facial cleanser.

Garlic is actually a great weapon against pimples. You just need to crush
the garlic and apply it directly to the acne region. Always avoid your
eyes as they are quite sensitive. Although this might sting in the
beginning, it will greatly reduce the infection in and out of your skin.
When you are finished, rinse off all of the garlic and pat your face dry.

Tightening your pores can be achieved through the use of a green clay
mask. Your skin will feel fresh after using a mask like this because it
pulls the oil from your skin. After washing the mask off your skin, rinse
with water and gently pat dry. You can use witch hazel to remove any
leftover clay from your skin.

Proper skin care includes lowering your stress levels. Too much stress
has a very negative effect on your body, making it especially hard for
your body to battle infections. Increase the balance in your life and
lower your stress level. You will be rewarded with a body that can fight
skin ailments and give you clearer and healthier skin.

Incorporating these tips into your daily skin care routine should clear
up your skin. However, you need to stick to a regular regimen in order to
see the best results. To give your skin an instant glow, be sure to wash
it at least two times a day.

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