Dear USJ Applicant, by u3lBhD







1. What year are you at UCLA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc)? Please state if you are a transfer, and how
many years you have been at UCLA if you are a transfer.

2. What is your major at UCLA and when do you expect to graduate?

3. What are your post-graduation plans?

4. How many hours per week can you contribute to USJ between January and June of 2012?

5. The Editorial Board focuses on the written form of the articles—its flow, word choice, structure,
clarity. The Review Board focuses on the material itself—reviewing if the research is sound,
interesting, and complete, in addition to making comments and corrections related to these factors.
The Review Board is divided into the Physical Science Review Board (composed of members who
are interested in the physical sciences) and the Biological Science Review Board (composed of
members who are interested in the biological sciences). Layout requires creative individuals to design
the journal’s layout (No experience with graphic design/art needed, just precise and dedicated
individuals). For more information please see “Staff Responsibilities” on the website.

To which position(s) do you believe you could best contribute? Please rank your top three choices.
Next to each position write why you qualify for that position. Limit yourself to 100 words.

__Editorial Board
__Review Board, Physical
__Review Board, Biological

6. Have you been a member of USJ in the past, and if so for how long?

7. Did you attend any of our informational meetings this year or speak with any member of USJ
about USJ?

8. Please rate yourself on writing ability on a scale of 1-6.
Related experiences, including honors, awards, or high scores related to writing, if any:
9. Please rate yourself in research knowledge/scientific writing experience on a scale of 1-6.
Related experiences and duration, including research, if any:

10. If you are currently or have conducted research, please state the name of faculty mentor and
affiliated department.

11. List any awards and/or honors related to research that you have earned.

12. Have you had any previous experience as being part of the staff of a newspaper or journal
publication? Related experiences, if any:

13. Which lower division science classes have you completed (not applicable for Editorial
Board/Humanities majors)? If you have completed all lower divisions for your major, indicate “all”.

14. How many upper division sciences classes have you completed (not applicable for Editorial
Board/Humanities majors)? Which ones?

15. Do you plan to apply to medical school or a professional/graduate program during the 11-12
academic year? Do you plan to take the GRE or MCAT or any other professional exam? Please list
which of the above, and how it will affect your availability during the 11-12 academic year.

18.       Overall GPA: ________
          Science GPA: ________

If you are a freshman and do not have a UCLA GPA yet, please indicate your High School GPA:


19. How did you find out about USJ (friend, advisor, professor, listserv, counselor, flyer,

Please attach your resume/CV including but not limited to

         Any employment/work-study positions you have held during the past three years
         Any community activities you have participated in during the past three years
         Any extracurricular activities you have participated in during the past three years.

Please indicate the dates of involvement, hours per week for each activity or position

Please email a copy of your application and CV to ASAP and latest by
Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 at 5 PM. Please also turn-in a Hard Copy to the USJ office at
Life Science Building 2103 by 5 PM on Wednesday November 2th, 2011. Thank you!

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