ACADEMY SCHOOL DISTRICT TWENTY
                                       COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
                                   Occupational Therapy Department
                               Response to Intervention Information Sheet
                                  Tier II Support for Targeting Skills

                  Performance Concern: Fine Motor Skills Relating to Self Help

General Information: In school, age appropriate fine motor coordination is needed daily to
accomplish independence in self help. Grip strength, pinch strength, and eye-hand coordination are all
important for success.

Instructional Recommendations:
        When assisting a student with a self help task, try to do only part of the task, allowing
           him/her to try to do some of it independently.

          If possible, model the task, giving simple verbal cues to help with sequencing if needed.

          Give the student extra time to accomplish a difficult task. Example: Ask Johnny to open his
           backpack a few minutes ahead of “pack-up” time. Rushing in a crowded area can be anxiety

Additional Classroom Activities or Strategies to Support the Development of the Skill:

          Re-use small milk cartons to hold small manipulatives etc., to give students practice in the
           motions required to open a milk carton.

          Keep some supplies in zip lock bags for practice pinching them closed and pulling them

          Keep some supplies in jars with screw-top lids for natural practice and strengthening

          Pop bubble wrap (pinch)

          Play a card game where students try not to let you draw a card from them. (pinch)

          Clothespin activities: write letters, numbers, colors on clothespins and place them on a line,
           paper, plate, etc. to spell words, do math problems, sort by color, etc. (pinch)

          Paper tearing activities strengthen pinch and wrist rotation. Progress from easy to hard:
           Tissue paper-newspaper-copy paper-manilla folder.

          Have students feel objects in a bag (they can’t see the objects), and try to identify them.
           This helps develop sense of touch for buttons and zippers.
Thanks to Denver Public Schools for developing this information.

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