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									                       West Florence Fire Rescue
                          Standard Operating Guidelines

                           SOG-412, PPE on Scene
I. Purpose
The purpose of this guideline is to establish a minimum for Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) when on scene. It is also to ensure that all personnel are
prepared for fire suppression or rescue operations while maintaining the highest
degree of personal safety for all and to display a professional look.

II. Scope
This procedure will be followed by all personnel operating at the scene of any
incident. It is Fire Ground Officers duty to insure all WFFD personnel follow this
procedure. The Incident Commander (IC) can/will advise crews to “gear up” or
“gear down” as scene requires/allows.


Directing Traffic
When directing traffic crews should wear a minimum of bunker coat or traffic
vest, helmet, bunker pants, and hand light (if at night).

Motor Vehicle Accidents
When working around vehicle involved in an mva firefighter should be in bunker
pants, helmet, and bunker coat or vest. If firefighter is going in and out of a
vehicle involved in an MVA then a bunker coat should be worn.

If working an mva with entrapment then full ppe should be worn along with eye

Vehicle Fire
When fighting a vehicle fire firefighter must be in full turnout gear along with
SCBA and breathing air while actively fighting the fire.

Driver/Pump Operator
As soon as possible after engine setup the pump operator should don bunker
pants, boots, helmet and gloves, also bunker coat or safety vest.

Driver/Passenger in water Shuttle Operations
Drivers and passengers in water shuttle operations should wear a minimum of a
helmet (when outside the vehicle), safety vest and gloves. If driver or passenger
is not wearing long pants or closed toe shoes then bunker pants should be worn.

Firefighters in Manpower Pool
When standing by in the manpower pool firefighters should be ready to act when
given an assignment. This requires a minimum of bunker pants, boots and
helmet with other PPE at the ready.

SOG-412                              Page 1 of 2          Rev. 0             03/29/11
                       West Florence Fire Rescue
                          Standard Operating Guidelines

                          SOG-412, PPE on Scene

Firefighters in Rehab
Firefighters should remove whatever gear necessary to recuperate in the
shortest time possible. However, keeping bunker pants and boots donned will
shorten the time to get back in service if quickly needed.

Inside the area IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health)
This is the area most hazardous to firefighters. This requires a minimum of
bunker pants, boots, bunker coat, helmet with face shield or goggles, flash hood,
gloves and SCBA.

Medical Calls
When handling patients or when engaging in decontamination of patient related
equipment all personnel shall wear a minimum of medical gloves. Eye/face
protection will be required as dictated by the incident. If First Responders arrive
wearing shorts, flip-flops or sandals you are required to don bunker pants and
boots. The minimum proper dress is a sleeved shirt, long pants and closed toed
shoes. When arriving wearing this minimum dress it is advisable to don a traffic
vest as to identify yourself as fire department personnel.

When Not In Possession of PPE
Persons not in possession of proper turnout gear should not respond to the
scene and should proceed to their respective stations or retrieve their PPE and
respond to the scene.

SOG-412                             Page 2 of 2          Rev. 0            03/29/11

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