Greek Temple by dOKeRm1


									                                            Greek Temple

                                   Papier Mache/Relief/Mosaic

Objectives:                                             Materials:

1.   Art appreciation, art history-Classical Greek      Poster board (approx 12"x16" for vertical
     architecture                                       compositions - approx 15" x 13" for
                                                        horizontal - you may have to experiment
2.   Understand East and West Zodiacs                   with your own desired measurements.

3. Understanding of column styles and                   Pre-cut temple pieces, i.e. temple base,
   characteristics                                      columns, pediments, arcatrave, bases,
                                                        and stylobate. (Students may cut their
4. Understanding some architecture and                  own.)
   sculpture vocabulary
                                                   Scrap poster board and papers cut in a
5. Create architectural plan in art journal/sketch variety of strips - varying in width
                                                   Scissors - x-acto knives – starch glue,
5. Create a paper temple model.                    rulers, protractors, tissue paper.

6. Understanding proportion/measurements                Sculpey clay, or your choice of self
                                                        hardening clay.
7. Build a relief "sculpture" using Papier Mache,
   Sculpey clay in the pediment of temple.

8. Create a paper mosaic on center back wall of

9. Develop skills in cutting with x-acto knives
    and gluing

10. Utilize a variety of resources to inspire art

11. Photograph and import to digital portfolio.

          Alabama Standards: (adjust according to your lesson plan)

          Visual Arts 7-8 (this lesson covers all the standards for 7-8th art.)

          Produce 1-6, Respond 7- 9, Understand 10 and 11.
For cross-curriculum, record math, history, and English as they apply to your art

Vocabulary: Greek classic architecture, temple, columns: tapered, fluted,
panel and square, base, capitol: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, pediments,
arcatrave, stylobate, pediment, relief sculpture, frieze, and mosaic.

Internet Links: l, ,,

Motivation and Procedures:

1.    Review Video: The Greek temple- view selections from video

2.    Review/show selections from video: Ancient Civilizations: Greek

3.    Images of temples from the Internet and National Geographic

5.    Review of vocabulary

6.    Demonstrate measuring for the temple and cutting pieces and scoring

      poster board for the temple. (Safety review)

7.    Demonstrations of assembling temple model

8.    Demonstrate tissue paper collage.

9.    Discuss characteristics of European and Chinese zodiacs for theme

10.    Demonstrate Mosaic technique

11. Demonstrate Papier Mache and/or Sculpey clay.


       1.     Have poster board cut ahead of time for students (Get
              students who you can trust to help you)I made templates of
              each temple component for students to trace - but you could
              allow students to do this with mat cutter or x-acto knives)
       2.      Students glue their temple together, adding capitals.
       3.      Student may paint, or apply the tissue collage to temple.
       4.      Place (European zodiac mosaic in center of temple and trace
               outline) Students may create their own mosaic designs.
               Mosaic can be created separately then added to temple last.
       5.      Put Chinese zodiac relief sculpture in pediment - Some
               students used Papier Mache or Sculpey clay.
       6.      Paint the relief sculpture if needed.
       7.      Glue paper mosaic in center.

Evaluation: Visual identification of Greek architecture, journal/sketch book entry, rubric
for construction and class critique of each students work.

Lindanne Phillips

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