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									Is Samir Nasri Muslim? Yes But His Girlfriend Isn't
Is Samir Nasri a Muslim? I have heard this question asked many times about the French attacking
midfielder who without doubt has had a successful career on a personal level although he hasn’t won
many silverwares. The short answer to this question is that Nasri is a Muslim but there remains a
doubt whether he is a devout and practicing Muslim like Mesut Ozil does. I have already listed his
name in a previously compiled list of 30 Muslim football players who are spread across European
football leagues.
The 25 year old Marseille born attacking midfielder who currently plays for premier league champions
Manchester city is of Algerian origin. He previously played for Olympic de Marseille and Arsenal
before moving to his current employers. Both his father (Abdelhafid Nasri) and mother (Ouassila Ben
Said) are French nationals but the Algerian connection comes from nasri’s grandparents migrating
from there.
Nasri girlfriend
He is currently dating French tennis star Tatiana Golovin who is a Christian by faith. Tatiana Golovin
was born in the Russian capital of Moscow but she attained French citizenship after moving to Paris
with her parents at an early age. She is now a professional tennis player who fluently speaks French,
English and Russian.


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