assignment altered books by dOKeRm1


									Basic Supplies:
      Paint brushes, mat knife, box cutter or X-acto knife, scissors, wax paper,
      Old credit card for smoothing glued papers, newspaper to work on.
      *Clear glue stick – DO NOT use rubber cement (it dries out over time and
      does not hold). Only use Elmer’s glue to attach thick items like mat board,
      fabric or objects.
      Acrylic paint (I will supply all paint), water color paint, black and colored
      markers, stamps made out of erasers or potatoes, colored pencils, oil
      pastels, crayons. Anything that will make a mark – Be inventive!
       *Put wax paper between the pages until they are fully dry.

Fun Stuff:
      Collected papers, junk drawer stuff, stamps, threads, wool, fibers, plastic
      wrap, aluminum foil, tissues, feathers, old stockings (fishnet, perhaps!),
      bubble wrap, tiny bottles, anything small, pressed flowers, coins, notes,
      love letters, other letters, collage papers, origami papers, paint chips,
      magazines, maps, postcards, old calendars, newspapers, junk shop
      finds, fabrics, lace, old jewelry, old photos, shells, buttons, puzzle pieces,
      game pieces, cards, trinkets, tickets, beads, charms, hardware stuff,
      dental floss, play money, wires, baseball cards, sports logos………..

                              Ms. Duré

   1. Opening pages – inside front cover – explain your theme visually – no words
   2. Do a watercolor painting over two written pages going across the fold.
   3. Make a small rubber stamp from a gum eraser and stamp it to enhance your art
      work – use it on other pages to create a design thread.
   4. Do a page with a border – color or black and white.
   5. Attach an envelope and put something in it.
   6. Add paper tabs on the edge of the page.
   7. Do an inkblot with thinned acrylic paint then paint or draw over it. Let the blot be
      your inspiration. Splatter or drip paint.
   8. Begin a page with a crayon design and add a watercolor wash. Build up at least
      3 more layers of materials – crayon resist, torn paper, acrylic paint.
   9. Sponge paint with acrylics.
   10. Start your page with a map.
   11. Use colored tape to create masked off stripes or borders.
   12. Paint a watercolor wash on tracing paper and texturize it with saran wrap.
   13. Do a rubbing with crayon, tear it out, and attach it to your page.
   14. Make a circular mandala design.
   15. Make a bookmark for your book that reflects your theme – you may attach it or
   16. Create columns.
17. Make a cutout niche by gluing several (at least 10) pages together. Put
    something in the cutout.
18. A window – or two or three.
19. A frame with a deep hole.
20. A house interior to emphasize your theme.
21. Make a fold out page or a pop-up page (check online for directions).
22. Use a foreign language.
23. Incorporate an animal into your story.
24. Tell a visual story.
25. Use water soluble pencils or crayons.
26. Add strings or threads to enhance your art work.
27. Draw or paint with an unconventional tool.
28. Do a radial design.
29. Find a quote pertaining to your theme and incorporate it into your art work.
30. Sew through your page or pages. Attach a pocket by sewing it on the page.
31. Add a weaving or unusual fabric.
32. Make your page a puzzle.
33. Use puzzle pieces, game pieces, playing cards.
34. Do a page in the style of a certain artist – Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse
35. Add sand to acrylic paint and cover the page before you start painting or drawing
    your image.
36. Stain watercolor paper with coffee or tea and create an antique image –
    glue this to the page.
37. Add your own photographs to the page – build around the image with paint or
    colored pencils.
38. Find an image in a magazine, make copies, cut it out and arrange on the page.
    Paint over the pictures and emphasize the brush strokes.
39. Use only one kind of paper and make a relief design, attach it to your page –
    white or black paper, newspaper, mat board.
40. Do an entire page in just words.
41. Before you begin painting, highlight or circle words that form a thought and
    layout your design around these words.
42. Add objects (natural or manmade) to the page.
43. Scratch into wet paint or do a finger painting across the page. Paint a thin layer
    of color first.
44. Crayon a design with heavy color, paint over the design with acrylic paint mixed
    with a small amount of liquid soap and then scratch in a picture.
45. Use an old rolodex as your book.
46. Carefully burn the edges or center of a page and attach to your book.
47. Cut through several pages revealing a background on the last page.
48. Add spinners from board games or mechanical parts from clocks.
49. Make a mini book – 4”X4”

                  DON’T BE TOO SERIOUS – HAVE FUN!

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