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					                                           Minutes 01-24-12

1) Attendance
   a) SSLC- present
   b) NRHH- present
   c) Bledsoe-proxy
   d) Gordon-present
   e) Sneed-absent
   f) Chitwood-present
   g) Weymouth-present
   h) Coleman-present
   i) Stangel-present
   j) Murdough-present
   k) Horn-present
   l) Knapp-proxy
   m) Hulen- present
   n) Clement- present
   o) Wall-present
   p) Gates-present
   q) Murray-proxy
   r) Carpenter-Wells –present
1) Icebreaker led by Nick
2) Approval of the minutes
   a) Stangel moves to change spelling of Cane’s
   b) Approval with edit moved by Wall
   c) Seconded By Murray
3) President Updates
   s) CUTE Club
       i) Results from sustainability competition: bill down by $26K
       ii) Club meets Wednesdays at 7 PM
   t) Interns
       i) Applications now available
       ii) Will be posted on website
       iii) Applications due next Wednesday by 5PM
   u) Housing Initiatives
       i) Angela Forni –
            (1) Kathy Terrell wants input – wishes to make concrete pads with bike racks for 150 bikes
                to be accessed by multiple locations.
                (a) Between BIO and S/M|||||||||||
                (b) Foreign Language Building||
                (c) Between CHEM and Raidergate Lot||
                (d) Between AG/COM and AG/ED buildings|
                (e) Holden|
       ii) Please take photos of areas that could use bike racks
       iii) Abandoned Laundry Issues
            (1) Discussion of how to send a clear message of date/time
                (a) Suggestions:
                     (i) First of the month, ||||||||||||
                           1. One suggestion w/ specific dates listed
                     (ii) The last of the month |
                     (iii) Last Friday of every month ||||
                     (iv) The first (specific day of the month)||
                     (v) The fifteenth of every month |
2) VP of Campus Traditions and Leadership Development
   a) Mark Grecco
       i) Overview/Updates
       ii) Incentives – The hall with the most participating teams will receive food and some prizes
            personally provided by Erin for the winning complex’s meeting
       iii) Spring Fling
            (1) April 13 or 24
            (2) Currently in process
3) VP of Programming and Public Relations
   a) Equipment Checkout
   b) Charity Organization
       i) Called to question by carpenter wells
       ii) Seconded by Stangel
       iii) Standing Vote: MHMR or Food Bank or Neither
            (1) Food bank: 11
            (2) MHMR: 7
            (3) Neither – none
            (4) No abstentions
4) VP of External Affairs and National Communications
   a) Lady Raiders Tailgate
       i) Updates
            (1) Cane’s… Maybe?
            (2) If not, we’ll have something
            (3) We will have drinks
            (4) Spirit Organizations
            (5) Masked Rider and Raider Red
            (6) Starts at 5:30 PM, until 6:30PM – BLACKOUT!
   b) No Frills Bids
       i) Updates on party
       ii) Bids were awesome! CUTE club won!!
       iii) Nick and Daniel Ramirez-Escobido both running for regional positions
   c) Elections Process
      i) Senate Resolution 53.07 to be presented in new business.
5) Advisor Updates
   a) Craigory says…
      i) Thanks to LOC-Up peeps!
      ii) Thanks to presidents’ council
      iii) CA Applications due tomorrow!
      iv) Professing Excellence
           (1) Residence Hall students nominate excellent professors
6) Complex Council Reports
   a) SSLC
      i) Responsibility campaign – spring break and safety therein
      ii) Program?
   b) NRHH
      i) First retreat on Friday
   c) Bledsoe/Sneed
      i) Barn Dance, Superbowl party
   d) Gordon
      i) Superbowl Party no longer has food “pop luck” with popcorn and potluck food
      ii) Meetings need more fun, every other week will be fun
   e) Chitwood/Weymouth
      i) Second meeting past Wednesday, timing may change
      ii) March 2nd 7-10PM @ Hulen/Clement? Would like to co-host a glow-toga dance party
      iii) Email if you’re interested in being involved
      iv) Toga making party on the 1st
      v) Question – Chitwood Weymouth windows? Fire Safety issues
   f) Coleman
      i) CO-hosting Toga party, no meeting
   g) Stangel/Murdough
      i) Three new peeps at the meeting, 2 new people at the LOC-Up
      ii) Valentines something?
   h) Horn/Knapp
      i) Programs compiled into an “idea bank”
      ii) Recognition of Random Residents begins Wednesday
      iii) February 18th – Volunteering at pancake festival.
      iv) Campus-wide Bake-off to be advertised in the toilet times
      v) Attendance of 50+!!!
      vi) Bring in the New Year party @ 9PM
      vii) T-shirt design to be approved!
   i) Hulen/Clement
       i) New CA advisor
       ii) VP position opened
       iii) Treasurer position is open
       iv) Tshirts designed!
       v) Building improvements
    j) Wall/Gates
       i) First meeting is tonight
       ii) VP stepped down
       iii) 2 residents came to the loc-up!
    k) Murray/CW
       i) Election process for next week to fill three positions
       ii) Beginning to advertise for the b-ball tournament

7) Old Business
   a) None
8) New Business
   a) (Senate Resolution 53.07)
       i) brought to the floor by Abrar
       ii) Seconded by Gates
       iii) Synopsis: Senate Resolution 53.07 delineates the process by special elections will take place.
             “Special” need will be decided by RHA executive board and advisors.
       iv) Waived reading – moved by Stangel
       v) Friendly Amendment to: Section L
             (1) Strike VP of Admin and Finance, replacing with RHA archives
             (2) Strike all of L,i.
       vi) Friendly amendment to line ‘G.’ add (,) after “meeting”
       vii) Carpenter-Wells moves to extend discussion one minute
       viii) Seconded by Weymouth
             (1) Section O, add “any” before “specific”
                 (a) Accepted
       ix) C/Wells calls to q
       x) Gordon seconds
       xi) Vote: Yes – 17 No – Abstain – 1
   b) NRHH – had a workshop on how to write an OTM. Would like to hold one during meeting.

9) Open Forum
   a) Chitwood moves to end and move to open forum
   b) Weymouth Seconds
   c) Complex Council Constitutions and Budgets
      i) Date and time review.
      ii) Constitutions due: by Feb. 29 to with attached file.
             (1) Constitutions must be in line with RHA constitution in order to receive the benefits of an
                 affiliated complex. (IE: RHA resources, funding, etc.)
             (2) Budgets due: by Feb 29
        iii) Fire Code issues
        iv) RHA represented at Polar Bear Swim
        v) Loc Up – extreme board game night
10) Closing
    a) End Forum Moved by Carpenter Wells
    b) Seconded by Murray
    c) Gordon so moves end

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