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      By Meghna
                   Biography of
                  Mother Teresa
• Mother Teresa was born on
  the 27th of August in the
  year of 1910.
• She was born in Skopje,
• Her name was kept after a
  saint, Agnes Gonxha
• She was born into
  a family of deeply religious
        Work of Mother Teresa
• At the age of 14 Agnes
  felt like serving the God
  was what she wanted to do.
  She started her studies in
  Bengal, India.

• In 1937 she took her final
  vows and became a nun.
  And she chose her name as
  Sister Teresa. She did help
  the poor and sick. She then
  got the Nobel prize for
  peace in 1979. And for her
  work the Pope made her a
  saint and hence she is Saint
  Teresa now.

• It’s to be said that Mother
  Teresa had a special
  relationship with children
                     So Beautiful
• Everything was beautiful in       • A man walks up to Mother
    her life, even the worse          Teresa and pushes a few
    parts like death or illness.      coins in her hand and
     She used to say                  Mother Teresa would say to
    “Everything that happens,         her companion “So
    happens for good.                 beautiful!”

•    A small boy is struggling on   • Everybody knows that
    the ground and Mother             Mother Teresa just helped
    Teresa cradles her in her         or looked after others. She
    arms and whispers “So             herself always wore the
    beautiful!”                       same white with blue
                                      border sari. She never had
                                      any interest in herself.
1 Tell the date of birth of Mother
    Teresa. Where was she born?
2 What was her real name (just try to
3 At what age did she want to serve
    the god?
4 Where did she go for her first
5 What was the saying of Mother
6 Is this true that Mother Teresa
    always had interest in herself?

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