CHAPTER 13 TEST REVIEW

  1. agriculture                         regular expenses
  The South’s main source of income
                                         11. Germany
                                         The second largest group of
   2. cotton                             immigrants between 1820-1860
   the main crop of the Deep South,
increased need for slaves                12. Industry
                                         The North’s main source of income

  3. cotton gin
  machine that increased cotton          13. Ireland
  production and number of slaves        Immigrants came from this country
                                         because of a famine
  4. credit
  a form of a loan given to southern     14. nativists
  planters by their agents               formed the American Party also
                                         known as the Know Nothings
  5. Deep South
  Part of south where sugarcane and      15. overseer
  cotton were grown the most             the plantation manager
  southern states

  6. discrimination                      16. prejudice
  unfair treatment of a group of         an unfair opinion that is not based
  people                                 on facts

  7. Europe                              17. railroad tracks
  Mills in Europe increased the          By 1860 the Midwest and East
  demand for cotton from the south       were united by railroad which
                                         transformed trade in the nation’s
  8. famine                              18. slavery
  an extreme shortage of food            the South’s thriving economy
                                         depended on slave labor
  9. field hands
  Most enslaved people on                19. slums
  plantations worked as field hands      the living conditions of many

  10. fixed costs                        20. strikes
at refusal to work meant to put pressure
on employers to improve pay or

                                           29. What were the barriers to
21. trade unions                              industry in the South?
groups formed by workers with the
same skills

22. Upper south
Part of the south where tobacco
was the primary crop

23. yeoman
Southerners with small farms of
50-200 acres and no slaves

24. Peter Cooper
Built the first U.S. steam
                                           30. What are two examples of how
25. Cyrus McCormick                           racial prejudice and
Constructed the first mechanical              discrimination remained in the
reaper                                        North, even though slavery had
                                              mostly disappeared in Northern
26. Samuel Morse                              states by 1820?
Transmitted the first telegraph

27. Nat Turner
Enslaved African American who
led a slave rebellion in 1831

28. In the South, what was the
   relationship between increased
   cotton production and the
   increased number of enslaved
   African Americans?

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