United States History AP by 2ee6rq


									                                  Advanced Placement Psychology
                                                         Mr. Milbert

All assignments must be completed by the first day of class.
           All links can be accessed through the “Links” page on my website.

    1. Read the course syllabus located on my website, then print it out and sign it. I expect you to understand the course
       requirements and the grading policies and by reading it and signing it you have indicated as such. Any questions
       please contact me.
    2. Read the prologue to your text (pgs. 1-15) and be prepared to be assessed regarding the learning outcomes on pgs.
       8 & 14.
    3. Explore the link Careers in Psychology

         Briefly explain the focus of the subfield/career; do you find the field interesting? Consult other websites after
        reading the brief description to complete your response. This should be one page, typed, double-spaced and in
        your own words.

   4. Read “Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology” (pg. 44-49 text). React to the information provided
        concerning one of the eight questions. This should be one page, typed, and double-spaced.
   5. Read Chapter 2! Prepare a list of the ten most interesting facts or ideas in the chapter in addition to posing five
        questions that may serve to guide a class discussion. This is the most difficult chapter and not all psychologists
        focus solely on neuroscience, which is evident from the many subfields.
6.      APA ethical standards. Read them all. You need to know them for your AP exam. Choose 5 standards and
   specifically write a paragraph about your chosen standards. Write about the purpose of the standard and what can go
   wrong if that standard is not in place.

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