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									How Many Top Hit Singles Can You Name from the ‘60’s
and ‘70’s?

FINDERS FORUM is pleased to announce the launching of our
company’s 21st title to add to our 108 Fun Fact Playing Card
series. Our Music Trivia Playing Cards will provide you with all
the answers as one deck features 54 Hit Singles from the ‘60’s
and the other deck Hit Singles from the ‘70’s.

Music Trivia Playing Cards will help you relive those memorable
musical moments from yesteryear. Your favorite artists and #1
singles are all featured with illuminating facts about behind the
scenes maneuvering to bring you the songs we all fell in love with.
Where did the inspiration come from to come with some of the
most powerful songs of the last century? What is the story behind
their meteoric rise to the top of the charts? Pique your curiosity
with our Music Trivia Playing Cards. For more information
please go to

Finders Forum Inc is a publisher of a wide range of innovative playing card titles
With interesting facts, trivia and information that appeal to a multi-demographic
audience. Turn what would otherwise be a regular deck of playing cards into an
exceptional experience of fun and learning… Experience the fun in learning
For more information please visit

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