Non-Fiction Animal Book Report by 2ee6rq


									                           Non-Fiction Animal Book Report
                                       Due: Monday, October 1st

      *Supplies: File folder, lined paper, plain paper, crayons or colored pencils, glue, and creativity!

You will be creating a decorative file folder about a book you have read. You may
read a non-fictional book on the animal of your choice. The book does need to be an
AR book that is in your range. The number of pages is not of importance if the book
is an appropriate level. Be creative in your choice of animals. We want to learn
something new!

           Guidelines for the folder for your non-fictional book of choice:

         Decorate the front cover with the title and author of the book, your name, and a colorful
          illustration of your animal

         Write a report about your animal. Report should include information about habitat, physical
          characteristics, and interesting facts. This report can be hand written or typed. The report
          should be glued or stapled inside the folder on the left-hand side.

         On a half-sheet of plain white paper, do a drawing of one of your favorite things about your
          animal and label it. Glue the drawing inside of the folder on the top right-hand side.

         On a half sheet of notebook paper, tell why you chose to do your report on this animal.
          What was the most interesting thing you learned? Glue this inside the folder on the bottom
          right-hand side.

         On the back of the folder, fill out required sheet neatly.

   **Remember** This work should be your personal best. This is not a project
   that should be completed in one night. All handwriting, coloring, cutting and
   pasting must be your very neatest work.
     Non-Fiction Animal Book Report Rubric

Name: __________________ Animal:____________________

        Title of book                           /2
        Author                                  /2
        Your name                               /2
        Colorful illustration of your animal    /5
        Inside Report:
        Clear introduction                      /5
         -Habitat                               /3
         -Physical Characteristics              /3
         -Interesting Facts                     /3
        Conclusion                              /5
        Correct Spelling/Mechanics              /6
        Inside Drawing
        Picture                                 /5
        Label                                   /2
        Inside Personal Paragraph               /6
        Back of Folder Sheet
        Completely filled out                  /12
        Cursive/Neat                            /3
        Student signature                       /3
        Parent signature                        /3

                      Total Score              /70

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