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									Common Interview Questions

The following are some questions which may come up in your interview and for
which you should be prepared. The list is not exhaustive and you expect variations.
Your Consultant will help you to prepare for each interview including some likely
questions. Remember, don’t panic and take your time when answering.

1. Tell me about yourself. Many interviewer start with this question and are looking for
applicants to sell themselves so make the most of it – highlight how your qualities and skills
make you the ideal candidate for their role.

2. What do your work colleagues think of you? This question is all about assessing your
self-awareness and to get a third person view of you. You may also be asked what you
colleagues consider to be your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Why do you want the job? This is all about discovering whether you have really thought
about the job and how you would fit in to it. Your Consultant will help you identify your key
skills and qualities so that you can answer this question. rand.”

4. What drives you to achieve your objectives? Are you driven, committed and self-
motivated? Your answer to this question will be used to assess these competencies in
relation to the needs of the particular role.

5. Tell me about a problem you have solved. This informs the interviewed about you
problem solving skills, speed of reaction to issues, and whether you take risks and think for

6. What are your weaknesses? This is not trying to trip you up – merely to identify any areas
where you may need training should you get the job.

7. Why have you taken the career path that you have? You may have been carefully
following a planned career path … but if your career has been less structured consider
responding that you have grabbed opportunities that were available rather than simply saying
that you have fallen into roles.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? This is obviously about ambition – but be
realistic and respond with a goal which is stretching but achievable.

9. What challenges do you believe this organisation faces? Again this is all about
research – you must get to know as much as you can about the company before you go to
the interview. It not only shows your interest and commitment but also, through questions like
this, your ability to understand their situation.

10. Oddball Questions? When an interviewer asks an oddball question they want to see how
you react under stress. Remember, don’t panic and even if there is no correct answer go for
it and commit to one. Relax.

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