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									                  TARLETON /HESKETH BANK
                      NEWSLETTER Issue 2
                                                           YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TEAM

   The term PACT stands for Police and
            Communities Together.
      It is an initiative from Lancashire
Constabulary aimed at giving you a chance
    to say how you would like your local                            PC 980 Phil Corrigan
          neighborhood to be policed.
These meetings are an opportunity for you
 to express any concerns/ views you have
  within your area and to meet your local
                 Police Officer.
    Any concerns you have will then be
 discussed among PACT panel members.

 The PACT meetings are held at Tarleton
 High School on the first Wednesday of
   each month at 5:30pm to 6:30pm.                                 PCSO 7124 Andy Curry

Alternatively you can contact your local
Community Beat Manager to discuss any
        concerns you may have.

   PACT Priorities For This Month

      Juvenile nuisance all villages: Tarleton,
       Hesketh Bank and Mere Brow.
      Traffic offences all villages: Use of
       mobile phones, speeding, parking, motor
       scooters, all of which is causing anti                     ECSO 7003 Lee Wallbank
       social behaviour.
      Anti social behaviour: Moss Lane near to         IF WE CAN BE OF ANY ASSISTANCE OR
       Bargain Booze.                                   HELP PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO
                                                        CONTACT US.

                               Community Beat Manager - PC 980 Phil Corrigan
                                 Mobile: 07903760979 Tel: 0845 1 25 35 45

                          Police Community Support Officer - PCSO 7124 Andy Curry
                                            Tel: 0845 1 25 35 45

                      Emergency Community Support Officer - ECSO 7003 Lee Wallbank
                                         Tel: 0845 1 25 35 45
                                                             What is Summer Nights?
                                                 This summer organisations across Lancashire
                                                are, for the fourth year running, joining forces for
                                                     Summer Nights. Summer Nights is a multi
Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest           agency campaign aimed at tackling alcohol
   and most successful crime prevention            related anti-social behaviour. The campaign
                initiatives ever.                doesn’t want to stop anyone enjoying alcohol –
  Behind it lies a simple idea, and a central    we just ask that people drink sensibly, in a way
 value shared by millions of people around      that won’t cause anyone any problems or lead to
                  the country.                    vandalism, anti-social behaviour, road deaths,
  Getting together with your neighbours to        fires, drowning, accidents, domestic violence,
       take action can cut local crime.         assault and other things that no-one really wants
   We are always keen to encourage new                    to happen after a good night out.
   members to join the scheme. If you are
                                                     When does Summer Nights run from?
interested please contact PCSO 7124 Andy
                                                 It runs across the county from Tuesday 1 July
                      Curry.                                 until Sunday 31 August.

    Vehicle Crime Prevention Advice                             HQ Open Day
      Never leave the keys in the
         ignition, even if you are just         The official launch of Operation Summer
         stopping quickly. Treat them as        Nights will take place at a special launch
         cash or credit cards.                  Open Day to be held at Headquarters on
      Always lock and secure your              Sunday 29 June.
         vehicle, check the sunroof and
         windows.                                 The event will be open from 11am to 4pm -
      Make sure you don't leave your             come along there’ll be plenty to see and do
         belongings on show. Store them                            including:
         in the boot or take them with you.
                                                      Have your fingerprints or mugshot taken
         Everything is a potential target for
                                                      Sit in a police car or fire engine
         a thief.                                     Meet a police horse and see a police dog
      When driving, keep doors locked                 demonstration
         and windows up.                              Watch how 999 calls are taken
      Keep bags/mobile phones out of                 See the force helicopoter
      Park in busy or well-lit and             Organisers have made 6000 tickets available on
         attended car parks near CCTV           a first come, first served basis and these will be
         cameras or in police-approved car      available from 8am on Tuesday 6 May 2007. If
         parks if possible.                     you want to reserve tickets you can register
                                                online at www.lancashire.police.uk or by
      If you have a garage, use it.            telephoning 01772 412008.

                                                The ticket registration will close at midday on
                                                Friday June 6 2008. Tickets are limited so
                                                register now. People who have been successful
                                                registering will receive their tickets and other
                                                information including car parking directions,
                                                health and safety and security advice, the week
                                                prior to the Open Day.


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