How to analyse your Research by 2PbJE3


									        How to analyse your Research

Do not answer these questions in order, use them as a help when writing up your
analysis notes.

How many people did you interview in your survey, where did you do this?
What was the most interesting information you found out?
How will this information help you build up a profile about your customer or client?
What struck you as unimportant or important about your information?
How will you use this information to help you design?

Product analysis
Where did you find the products to analyse?
What price range did they come under?
Overall what functions do they all have, (i.e. educational and what benefits would
they have for a child learning)?
What aesthetics do they have (appearance)?
How have they been made, techniques, materials, and quality of manufacture, safety
features and technology?
Who is your client, do they have a corporate image, what graphical styles have they used when
promoting their product?
How will these products help you design your own?

History and cultural information about your chosen topic

You may have put a sheet together about the culture of listening to music or the
history of the firm you are designing for. You may also have looked at some of the
statements they have made about their firm.

How useful has this been?
How will this information help you decide on the designs and graphics you will use?
How long has the firm been around?
What sort of people buys their products?
Who have they aimed their target market at?
How important is the history of the subject area when you design?
Do people really like the subject and why?
What impact does the situation have on their lives?

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