Manca Izmajlova (pronounced 'Mantsa Izmaylova') is a singer of by 2PbJE3


									Manca Izmajlova (pronounced "Mantsa Izmaylova") is a singer of vast potential. The
audience love her voice and always leave her concerts aspired by strong feelings that she radiates
on stage.

Manca was born and raised in Slovenia, near one of the most beautiful lakes in the world - Bled.
From an early age she has dedicated her life to music, always drawn to expressive lyrics and
beautiful melodies. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that she decided to study musicals in London,
where she graduated at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

The desire for new knowledge drove her further, to Moscow, where she spent some years studying
opera (alto/mezzo-soprano) with famous Russian teachers and discovered the immense richness in
music of Slavic nations. Long years of forming and realising ideas have resulted in "Slavic Soul",
followed by "Slovene heart". These unique music projects of the „crossover“ genre unite Slavic
music and bring it to a new level. Manca and her husband (producer, violinist) Benjamin Izmajlov
recorded them with Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra and the legendary conductor
Sergei Skripka. Both albums have achieved major success in Slovenia and sold in platinum album

In her career Manca has performed all around the world, in more than 700 musical appearances
and concerts. Her repertoire is vast in genres as well as in the number of songs - just like her
musical path. In early teenage years she began singing in pop-rock groups, then moved to doing
solo performances with a pianist in cafes. Her biggest musical influences then were Barbra
Streisand and Ella Fitzgerald. Immediately after her studies of musicals in London she recorded an
album of new songs My World together with a pop-jazz band NORDunk. In Moscow she expanded
her Western repertoire by adding Eastern influences and classical gems.

Today she mostly performs with pianists, like jazz pianist Blaž Jurjevčič and classical pianist
Gokhan Aybulus, as well as with various orchestras. She also likes to join together in a song or two
with her husband Benjamin Izmajlov, who is a concert violinist and her music producer.

Manca's specialty is also that she can sing in twenty languages. She says that she is able to learn
and perform a song in any language, which she has proven many times, for example, by singing
Islandic and Finnish anthems. She also already sang in Hungarian, Japanese, Swahili... All of the
songs of her project Slavic Soul are in their original (eight) languages.

One of the climaxes of her creative career was the opening concert for the fourth Slavic Festival in
Moscow, where she and her husband performed as the leading soloists together with the Moscow
State Philharmonic Orchestra of Pavel Kogan. The concert was a huge success and they were
awarded with a special medal for inter-cultural relations. In the same year Manca received first
award at a singing competition in Moscow (dedicated to 100th anniversary of birth of composer V.
Solovev-Sedoy, the author of the famous "Moscow Nigts"). The competition featured 2000 singers.

In March 2010 she conducted her first very own concert in Slovenia's most prestigous
hall - Cankarjev dom, together with the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra,
counting 90 members for this occasion. The concert was sold-out twice and ended with
standing ovations.
Similar concert with the same orchestra ad conducter was repeated in 2011 at ex-
Yugoslavia's largest concert hall - the Sava Centre. Manca Izmajlova upgraded her
performance with a 70-members choir Lola (legendary Serbian choir). At the end of this
concert there was 160 people on stage and standing ovations from nearly 4000 people in
the audience.

Contrary to her numerous successes, Manca Izmajlova remains down to earth and hardworking. At
all of her concerts she conducts the program spontaneously and by herself. Her performances
reflect her love towards her homeland and its culture, which is one of the things people admire
greatly about her. Everything she does, she does with her heart.

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