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We would like to share important news about your health support benefits from Blue Cross and
Blue Shield of Minnesota.

<Starting with the new plan year, you will have access to an enhanced set of personalized
services through the Blue Cross Health Support approach.> or <You now have access to an
enhanced set of personalized services through the Blue Cross Health Support approach.>
Designed with a focus on the “Whole Person,” Blue Cross Health Support now goes even farther
to provide the information, resources and access to health professionals you need no matter your
health status.

What’s different?

Blue Cross customer service is your connection to Health Guides and Nurse Guides
When you have questions about your benefits, finding a provider or deciding on the right type of
care, you have a guide who can help when you call customer service. Blue Cross customer
service is now staffed with specially trained Health Guides who go beyond simply answering your
questions to guide you to health information and resources you need.

If you have specific health or medical questions, you may be connected with a staff Nurse Guide
who can discuss treatment options or help you prepare for visits with a doctor. Simply call
customer service at <Customer Service telephone #> or toll free at <toll free Customer Service
telephone #>.

A Dedicated Nurse can help when you have health challenges
If you or an eligible family member live with an ongoing condition like asthma, diabetes or heart
disease — or if you have experienced a major health event or illness — you may be able to get
additional support from a Blue Cross Dedicated Nurse. Dedicated Nurse Support is here for you
when you need extra health support regardless of a particular diagnosis you may have. Your
Dedicated Nurse looks at you as a “Whole Person” and matches the frequency of calls and the
resources you receive to your individual needs. Plus, one Dedicated Nurse will get to know your
individual health needs over time; you won’t have to explain your situation each time you call or
receive a call.

If you are eligible, you’ll get an introductory letter and kit with helpful information. Then you’ll
receive a confidential welcome call to help you get started. Participation is completely voluntary;
you may opt out at any time.

And there’s more

You’ll continue to have access to additional personalized health resources. To learn more about
how you can take advantage of any of these services, sign in to myBlueCross at
<> and look in the “plan details” area:

       <Health Assessment and Online Coaching Modules — a simple questionnaire you
        complete online to identify your health status and risks, with an instant report linking you
        to online health coaching to help you stay on track for healthier living>

       Stop-Smoking Support — with one-on-one phone counseling <and quit medications
        covered as part of your benefit plan>. Call toll free at 1-888-662-BLUE (2583)>

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   <24-Hour Nurse Advice Line — when your clinic or Blue Cross customer service desk is
    closed or you need advice about your symptoms. Call 1-800-622-9524.>

   <Employee Assistance Program — for personal problems like stress, marital issues and
    substance abuse. Call 24 hours a day at (651) 662-0900 or toll free at 1-800-432-5155 or
    TDD 1-800-627-3529.>

   <Fitness Discounts — pays you up to $20 per month toward your fitness center dues
    when you work out at least <8 or 12> times per month. Sign in to myBlueCross at
    <> and look in the “plan details” area. Or call customer service at <CS
    tel #> or toll free at <toll free CS tel #>.

   <Healthy Start® for Moms and babies — matching you with a specially trained nurse to
    guide you toward a healthy delivery. Call (651) 662-1818 or toll free at 1-866-489-

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