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                            VETERANS SERVICE BUILDING – 20 12TH STREET WEST
                                         ST. PAUL, MN 55155-2004
                                 TELEPHONE: (651) 282-4155 DSN: 825-4155

                                    VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT
                                          ARNG 12-322

OPENING DATE: 27 July 2012                     CLOSING DATE: 9 August 2012                           RANK/GRADE : MAJ/O-4

POSITION TITLE: Supply Management Specialist                                                         MOS/AOC/BRANCH: 90A/92A

DUTY LOCATION: J4 Logistics Directorate, Little Falls, MN

SELECTING OFFICIAL: LTC Jama Davidson, 320-616-2675

SELECTIVE PLACEMENT FACTOR: OFFICER (CPT/O-3 to MAJ/O-4) are eligible to apply. IAW NGR 600-25 AND AFI 36-101,
grade inversion within the full-time workforce is not permitted. Military grade of the supervisor must equal/exceed grade of personnel

WHO MAY APPLY: For Merit Announcements, eligibility is limited to personnel currently in the Minnesota Army National Guard who
are serving Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) tours. Current AGRs must have a minimum of 18 months in the program to be eligible for

REMARKS: PCS Available. Also announced as DS Technician ARNG 12-321.

LENGTH OF TOUR: 3 YEARS – Subject to program continuance; members successfully completing initial tour will be afforded priority
for tour extension, after completing initial tour.

AGR PROGRAM BENEFITS: Salary is determined by military grade and time in service. Member is authorized Subsistence
allowance, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), thirty (30) days annual leave; medical and dental care. TRICARE Standard coverage
for dependents. Military Exchange and Commissary privileges.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Formulate and implement the comprehensive logistics support plans, policies and logistics
operations support. Develops, coordinates and implements policies, procedures and requirements for unit deployment, inter-service
support agreements as approved by the USPFO, emergency support for civil authorities, training exercises support and environmental
compliance. Ensures coordination between units, STARC staff, USPFO, NGB and other agencies on command logistics support
requirements. Obtains data from the Unit Status Report and the Material Readiness Report to determine and improve logistics
readiness. Develops, staffs and implements logistics plans for material fielding, mission support and mobilization. Performs other
duties as assigned.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must forward the forms listed below to arrive in the Human Resource Office no later than the
Closing Date indicated above. E-mail applications to subject line must read (AGR application 12-
322 last name). Hard copy applications such as faxed applications, hand carried applications, and mailed applications will no
longer be accepted. If possible, please scan packet in as a .tif file and efax. If the application packet is too large to be sent in one
email, break the packet into two separate attachments and send it in two separate emails. If sending multiple emails, subject line must
end in 1 of 2, 2 of 2 (example- AGR application 12-322 Smith, 1 of 2). For questions, please email .

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:                           Complete page 2 of this announcement
                                              Attach a copy of your current DA Form 2-1
                                              Three most recent OERs

Upon selection, individuals will undergo a background check to validate suitability for employment with the federal government as
permitted by law, regulation, Presidential order or other authority. Suitability is dependent upon the particular requirements for security
clearance, sensitivity level, and DOD IT network access. Items checked include, but are not limited to, all criminal history record
information, employment history, education and fiscal accountability/responsibility.
                                                                                                    ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER: ARNG 12-322


SUBJECT: Application for Merit AGR Vacancy Announcement ARNG 12-322, Supply Management Specialist.

1.       I request consideration for the above vacancy.

2.       Copies of my updated DA Form 2-1 and last three OERs are attached.

3.       My full-time Active Guard Reserve employment history, starting with the present, is as follows:

 Organization                Duty Position/MOS            Dates of Employment             Supervisor                     Phone Number

 4.     My current Leader Development Requirement is                               . I       have      have not completed this requirement.

 5.     I am AOC/MOS qualified in the following specialties:

 6.     Highest civilian education completed:                                         .

 7.     Most recent APFT: Date                                              Pass      Fail

 8.     Most recent weight-in: Date                                            Pass          Fail

 9.     Most recent physical: Date                                      .

 10.    Where I can be contacted at: Home Phone                               Work                             .

 11.    Home Address:                                                                                                          .

 12.    Additional comments (you may include personal references):

                                                                    Signature: ________________________________________

                                                                    Name, Rank:                                                    .

                                                                    Position Title:                                                    .


The Minnesota Department of Military Affairs is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration
for the position without discrimination for any non-merit reason(s) such as age, race, religion, gender, ethnic origin or non-disqualifying
disability. If you have information or questions regarding this issue, please contact the Equal Employment Manager at 651-282-4472 or

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