N123 Mortgage Pre Action Protocol Checklist

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					Efis No.60/2009

October 2009

Range: Civil Procedure

EX80B       -     Legal Aid/Legal Services Commission Assessment Certificate in Care Proceedings [New Form]
N123        -     Mortgage Pre-Action Protocol Checklist [New Form]
N251        -     Notice of Funding of Case or Claim
N260        -     Statement of Costs (Summary Assessment)
N337        -     Request for attachment of Earnings Order

The Civil Procedure (Amendment) 2009 Rules came into force on 1st October.

The Ministry of Justice has amended N251 and N260 to reflect the introduction of these latest changes to the Civil Procedure

In particular, practitioners will note that N123 is a new form for possession claims based on mortgage or home purchase plans
where arrears have accrued in respect of residential property.

Due to requests by customers the EX80B has been added to the Civil Procedure range.

Finally N337 has received a minor field amendment.

All forms are available for your immediate use.

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