SA040 Customer Service Assistant Jan 12 by 387BA9V


									                                  PERSON SPECIFICATION

     Post Title: Customer Services Assistant          Post Number: SA040

     Division: Policy & Communications                Grade: C

     JE Ref: A189                                     Date Revised: Jan 2012

    This form sets the standard for the person needed for this job, and also
    suggests the questions to be asked at short listing and interview stages. The
    requirements are job-related and described using appropriate words and
    marked E (Essential) or D (Desirable) as appropriate. There will not
    necessarily be an entry in every box.
                                                        ESSENTIAL (E) MEASUREMENT
                    REQUIREMENTS                        OR
                                                                             (SEE BELOW)
                     Experience of working in a               E                 1&3
EXPERIENCE             busy front line Customer
                       Service environment.

                       Previous Contact Centre and              D             1&3
                        telephony experience.

                       Able to use a personal                   E             1&3
SKILLS                  computer, visual display unit
REQUIRED                and keyboard to input and
                        access information.

                       Able to assist members of                E             1& 3
                        the public with the
                        completion of forms, assist
                        with obtaining relevant
                        information to complete
                        service requests using a
                        Customer Relationship
                        Management System and
                        associated technology.

                       Good written communication               E             1&3
                        skills sufficient for general
                        correspondence both
                        internally and with the public.

                       Excellent oral communication             E             1&3
                        skills sufficient for
                        responding to customer
                        queries providing information
                        about Council Services and
                                                                               E                 1&3
                            Experience with email and
                             Internet connections.
                                                                               D                 1&3
                            Knowledge of Microsoft

KNOWLEDGE                   Good knowledge of                                 E                 1&3
BASE                         Customer Service

                            Awareness of Council                              D                 1&3

                Good local area knowledge.                                    D                 1&3
QUALIFICATIONS  5 GCSE Grade A-C which                                        E                 1&4
/ TRAINING       include English and Maths or

ATTITUDE /                  Able to use own initiative                        E                 1&3
MOTIVATION                   under general direction of

                            Flexibility with regard to                        E                 1&3
                             hours and office base.

                            Able to communicate with
                             customers competently and                         E                 1&3

                            Able to work in a team.
                             Promote ‘a team ethos and                         E                 1&3
                             support colleagues within the

                            Able to adapt to change in a                      E                 1&3
                             busy and developing

MEASUREMENT              1. from             2. By test after         3. Probing   4.            5. Other
                         application         short listing            at           Documentary   (Please
                         form                                         interview    evidence      specify)

Total number of essential criteria measurable from application form        =       13
Total number of desirable criteria measurable from application form        =       4

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