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									                                    JOB DESCRIPTION

Post:                        ISCP Education Officer

Department:                  JCST

Responsible to:              Head of ISCP

Key relationships:           ISCP Surgical Director

Band:                        D

                                       Job Summary

To provide educational support on all aspects of the ISCP to ensure the curriculum remains fit
 for purpose, meets GMC Standards and those of other regulatory bodies, and continues to
           reflect an integrated approach to curriculum development and delivery.


1. To plan, co-ordinate and research initiatives adopted by the various ISCP committees,
   working groups and the Specialty Advisory Committees (SACs) in respect of the
   curriculum, including the syllabus framework, assessment system and e-learning.

2. To work with individual SACs on the development of specialty curricula and assessment

3. To co-ordinate annual reports and submissions of curricula to the GMC and with the Head
   of the ISCP liaise with the GMC on arrangements for approval.

4. To develop new processes, web-based systems and methodology according to curriculum
   standards, working closely with RCS Eng or external IT providers.

5. To work closely with the Head of ISCP and Data Co-ordinator to identify analysis needs,
   plan and conduct analyses of curriculum activities and provide concise and clear outcome
   reports and recommendations for ISCP committees.

6. To support the development of ISCP quality assurance in liaison with regulatory bodies,
   schools of surgery, deaneries and specialties.

7. To lead the development of and participate in national and regional events to promote the
   ISCP and to train faculty and trainees in its use.

8. To conduct the on-going formal and informal evaluation of the curriculum including
   piloting in liaison with stakeholder groups.

9. To support the ISCP communication strategy by providing targeted updates to
   stakeholders, briefings to colleagues, presentations and journal publications.

10. Organise and contribute at meetings as appropriate.

11. Respond to ad-hoc requests for information from colleagues.

12. Develop and maintain processes for reports for individual and external bodies.

13. The post-holder is expected to represent the College in a professional manner in relation
    to his or her responsibilities and in ensuring their own continuing professional

14. Undertake other such duties appropriate to the grade, as required by the Director.

This job description will be subject to review in the light of changing
circumstances and may include other duties and responsibilities as may be
determined. It is not intended to be rigid or inflexible but should be regarded as
providing guidelines within which the individual works.

All College employees are responsible for records held, created or used as part of
their work for the College including patient/client, corporate and administrative
records whether paper-based or electronic, which also includes emails. Records
should be managed and stored appropriately and should in all cases comply with
the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Employees should have read
and understood the College’s Records Management Policy and should follow all
agreed records management procedures, seeking advice where necessary.

                                 PERSON SPECIFICATION

POST: ISCP Education Adviser

            ESSENTIAL CRITERIA                              DESIRABLE CRITERIA
Education / Qualifications                                Education / Qualifications
 Qualification to degree level in education or     Postgraduate qualification to masters
  an allied subject                                  level in education or an allied subject
Experience/Knowledge                               Experience/Knowledge
 Experience of curriculum development in a         Experience of curriculum development
  postgraduate setting                               in a medical education setting
                                                    Experience of undertaking formal
                                                     evaluation of educational projects,
                                                     pilots, programmes and tools
                                                    Experience of workplace-based
                                                     assessment methodology
                                                    Experience of developing novel
                                                     assessment methods
Skills                                             Skills
 Excellent written and oral communication          Knowledge of the current medical
  skills                                             training environment
 Excellent presentational skills                   Knowledge of GMC standards and
 Ability to deliver concise educational reports     practices
 Ability to work well in a team and
 Ability to build consensus with a wide range
  of key stakeholders
 Critical reasoning

For this post you will need to demonstrate the following KEY COMPETENCIES


         Understands and implements the customer service standards of own department and the
          wider College.
         Builds relationships and rapport with customers and treats them fairly and consistently.
         Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility in order to meet customer needs and manage


         Is reliable and consistent and demonstrates a positive ‘can do’ attitude.
         Takes ownership, meets deadlines in an accurate manner, prioritises work, organises self
          and delivers results.


         Communicates courteously, clearly and effectively with colleagues and internal/external
         Adjusts communication style, both verbally and in writing to suit situation and audience.
         Communicates effectively with colleagues in own team and across other departments in
          the College.


         Highlights problem areas in work and suggests new ideas to improve processes and
          procedures to get the best results
         Contributes to the ideas of others and helps to develop them further


         Organises self appropriately to incorporate change and makes necessary adjustments to
          how work is carried out


         Respects and cooperates with colleagues
         Builds good working relationships
         Contributes to the success of the team

The appointment is subject to proof of the attainment of any qualifications deemed
essential to the post and used as a basis for short-listing and selection. Failure to
provide evidence of the required qualifications will result in the offer of employment
being withdrawn.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England is an Equal Opportunities Employer.


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