STUDENT ACCOUNTS COUNSELOR
DEPARTMENT                               STATUS                 DATE LAST UPDATED:
Finance – 330                            Full-time                  February 7, 2012

The purpose of the Student Accounts Counselor is to counsel and communicate to
current, and former, students regarding their student financial accounts.

                                   ESSENTIAL DUTIES
   Create estimated tuition bills at the beginning of each semester, mail or email copies
    to students.
   Prepare and distribute monthly statements to students.
   Maintaining Aged accounts to ensure payments are collected.
   Collecting payments and posting payments to students account.
   Deposits: work with business office to turn in deposits.
   Run income reports (Income by account, Cash Receipts, Charges & Adjustments)
   Process bookstore, library and distance learning vouchers.
   Counsel students regarding their account balance, advising them of the disciplines
    and tools necessary to take care of their financial responsibilities, referring them to
    the financial aid office when necessary.
   Ensure all students have a FERPA form on file in Campus Anywhere
   Communication: Maintain open communication to students regarding their accounts
    and also works with the financial aid office to communicate information to students.
   Assist the Director of Financial Aid/Student Accounts with individual charges.

                              GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The Student Accounts Counselor must have the ability to be people-centered in the midst
of a task-oriented job. This position requires good communication skills and great
customer service.

The Student Accounts Counselor works in tandem with the Financial Aid Director and/or
the Associate Director to make sure that all students with financial aid have a correct
understanding of their account status. Any questions, problems, or work relating to
students with financial aid will be directly handled by the Financial Aid office.

                            MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
   An Associates degree in accounting is recommended; appropriate work experience
    may be substituted year-for-year for the degree.
   Proficient in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and Campus Anywhere.
   Typing and 10-key skills are necessary to successfully manage time pressures.
   Good communication among co-workers to ensure accurate account management.
   Good people skills and meticulous attention to detail are a must.

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