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                                               JOB DESCRIPTION
Position details
Local Title                  Registered Nurse Level 1
Classification               Registered Nurse Level 1
Department/ Ward
Position number(s)           Various        Type Various                           Fortnightly hours            Various
                                          Ins. No.                                      Cost Centre
Reporting details
                 Supervises                           Supervisor          Clinical Nurse Consultant
Selection Criteria
   You will be selected for MANDATORY:
        the role based on:  Registered as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) with the Australian Health Practitioner
                            Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
                             ACT Drivers Licence for Home Based Palliative Care and Hospital in the Home

                            Professional Practice
                                Ability to practice in accordance within relevant legislation framework
                                Ability to practice within the professional and ethical frame work
                                Ability to practice reflecting the Calvary values of Healing , Hospitality,
                                    Stewardship and Respect

                            Critical Thinking and Analysis
                                 Ability to practices within an evidence based framework
                                 Participation in ongoing professional development of self and others

                            Provision and Coordination of Care
                                Demonstrated ability to utilise the Nursing Process in the provision of safe
                                    and evidenced based care to patients in an acute and sub acute

                            Collaborative and Therapeutic Practice
                                Demonstrated effective interpersonal communication skills within a
                                   multidisciplinary team
                                The ability to liaise effectively with patients, their families and members
                                   of the community
     Calvary Health Care           A knowledge, understanding and commitment to the principles and practices of:
ACT expects that you will           1. risk management in accordance with Calvary Health Care ACT Integrated Risk
                   have:                Management Strategy;
                                    2. clinical governance; and safety,
                                    3. safe and high quality customer service;
                                    4. workplace equity, and
                                    5. injury prevention,
                                        and a demonstrated ability to apply them in the workplace.
                                   Oral/Written communication and liaison skills of a high order.
                                   Ability to set priorities and meet deadlines.
                                   An understanding of the philosophical direction of the organisation.
   Calvary Health Care             Active participation in the ‘Simply Better’ Program
ACT expects that you will          Assisting in the quality review and management activities.
     be accountable for:

Revised March 2012
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      OH&S Responsibilities                        To know and comply with the requirements of Australian Capital Territory
                                                     legislation, and specifically the Work Health & Safety Act 2011.
                                                   Comply with the requirements of Safety Policy, Procedures and other safety
                                                     management requirements.
                                                   Accept responsibility to act in a safe manner at all times and to work within the
                                                     safety systems developed for their workplace.
                                                   Ensure the health, safety and welfare of self and ensure others are not affected by
                                                     their acts or omissions with the workplace.
                                                   Comply with all reasonable instructions given unless it may adversely affect the
                                                     health and safety of self and others.
                                                   Play a positive role in supporting the organizational safety culture, which involves
                                                     promoting and demonstrating safe behaviours and practices, identifying continuous
                                                     improvement opportunities, reporting incidents and near misses and identifying
                                                     hazards and unsafe acts.
                                                   Take accountability for knowledge of and compliance with systems necessary for the
                                                     safety of visitors and patients including emergency procedures.
                                                   When working at other than Calvary Health care ACT controlled workplaces, ensure
                                                     awareness of the safety policy and safety management system requirements for the
                                                     place of work for the tasks being performed.
                                                   Prompt reporting of all occupational health and safety incidents to their supervisor
                                                     or manager and ensure that the details are entered into RiskMan.

                Specific functions                1. Provide direct patient care, utilising the nursing process while working within the
                 for this position,                  prescribed legislation.
                in priority order:
                                                  2. Provide direction, support and education to enrolled nurses and unlicensed care

                                                  3. Provide patient information and education throughout the continuum of care.

                                                  4. Actively participate in the Access Improvement Program to improve the patient

                                                  5. Take responsibility for own continuing professional development, competency
                                                     assessment and appraisal.

                                                  6. Develop and be accountable for the completion of your own biannual development
                                                     plan with your manager

                                                  7. Demonstrate Calvary’s values in daily work practices

                             Approved Service Director on

                             Approved HR Department on

  Last reviewed: -March 2012

                  [To be completed for new employees & each revision. To be stored on the employee’s personnel file]

  I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this Job Description and agree to act in accordance with this Duty
  Statement for my role.

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  Revised March 2012
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Revised March 2012

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