Resident Checkout Voice of the Customer Questions � Internal by 387BA9V


									                                  SAMPLE – VOC Questions
                                    Housing Resident Checkout Team

           Resident Checkout Voice of the Customer Questions – Internal Customers

Every year upwards of 700 residents of University Housing change rooms or move out for one reason or
another. The administrative and physical process of moving a student from room to room or out of
housing involves most departments of Housing. A Housing group has come together to analyze the
current process and attempt to refine that process which will lead to better resident satisfaction and
more efficient use of internal resources. Jeanne

1) Thinking about your role with the COR process, what is important to you? That I receive the paper
work in my box asap, getting the e-mail ahead of time helps but I don’t move forward until I get the
paper work

2) Rank each of the items above on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 = Most Important and 1 = Least Important
   (can have more than one “5” but they shouldn’t be all “5’s”) The paper work is 5 the e-mail is 1
   because they cancel the COR or change the COR date from the e-mail it doesn’t pay to do anything

Befor the paper work arrives or if the student does not sign the paper work then its delayed

3) What works well with the current process?E-mails and paper work or assignment calls, But really the

COR paper work

4) Is there anything that doesn’t work well with the current process? Well the COR arrives after the
student is gone so its hard to see who caused the issues, if any ,in the room, or by the time we get to the
room the roommate has taken over room so for billing purposes is not worth much

5) Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve the process? If they could go ahead without

The signed COR and Check the room out with the student present , That way its just like moving out of a
apartment if there is a issue the student is still here to discuss it. Or if they leave without turning in
signed COR or keys ,just take it out of their security deposit.

Thank you very much for your time!
                                SAMPLE – VOC Questions
                                  Housing Resident Checkout Team

Survey Plan

 - Assignment Staff – Kim, Emily (John to interview)

 - Hall Desk Supervisor – Holt, Chadbourne, Sellery (Tom interviews-Chad & Sellery, Dave interviews-
   Holt; Jaci will provide names)

 - Building Supervisor – Tammie, Tammy, Jeanne, Jeff (Jim F interviews- Lakeshore; Jim S interviews-

 - Housing Accounting Staff – Jane, (Joe to interview)

 - Each person should type up their notes and e-mail them to Jim Franzone as completed.

 - Jim will combine them into one document and upload the combined and separate documents to
   My WebSpace.

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