POSITION DESCRIPTION


       Position:                    General Investigator

       Business Group:              Compliance and Enforcement Directorate

       Location:                    Various

       Level:                       6

       Reporting to:                Team Manager Investigations

       Description Approved by: Director Compliance and Enforcement

       Date:                        January 2009


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s mission is Enhancing New Zealand’s Natural
Advantage, and its purpose is Leading the protection and sustainable development of our
biological resources for all New Zealanders targeting three key outcomes:
     Sustainable economic growth and prosperity for New Zealanders
     Healthy New Zealanders and a vibrant rural community
     Maintained and enhanced economic, social and cultural benefits for New Zealanders
        from the natural environment

Compliance and Enforcement
The Investigation Readiness Response Group is responsible for:
   o The development, maintenance, provision and enhancement of high quality, reliable
       and cost effective services, which are consistent with MAF’s overall strategic
       objectives and meet the identified requirements of NZFSA under the shared services
   o Contributing to the development of MAF’s organisational development strategy and
       leading the MAF-wide integrated capability initiatives and strategies that deliver on
       current and future organisational outcomes
   o Providing focussed and dedicated management of core infrastructural services and
       delivers capability priorities that are identified by the Director-General and MAF’s
       Senior Leadership Team.
   o Provision of high quality and trusted advice to ensure adequate management support
       across MAF.

Purpose of the General Investigations Team.
The General Investigations Team is part of MAF Compliance and Enforcement Directorate.
This team exists to conduct investigations into identified breaches and suspected breaches
of legislation administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Position Summary

The General Investigator reports to the Team Manager Investigations. The incumbent is
required to lead or become involved in investigations relating to all legislation administered
by MAF. At times this function will call upon the use of other legislation [e.g. Crimes Act
1961] to support MAF’s legislative responsibilities.
This includes covert surveillance of persons / operations suspected to be involved in:

   -       Biosecurity issues pursuant to the Biosecurity Act 1993.
   -       Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act as it relates to new organisms
   -       Animal welfare issues pursuant to the Animal Welfare Act 1999
   -       smuggling/trade in agricultural risk items
   -       smuggling of endangered species
   -       Forests Act 1949 breaches
   -       And other MAF associated legislation. [Refer to MAF 2007/08 Annual Report for
           other legislation administered by MAF

Identifying and seeking out persons suspected of breaching the law as it relates to MAF
areas of responsibility, interviewing suspects and witnesses and gathering evidence
necessary to establish criminal liability or otherwise.

Principal Accountabilities / Responsibilities / Key Result Areas

Within the organisation
 Investigations Manager and Team Manager- allocation of projects and progress
 General Investigations and Animal Welfare Investigations Teams – cooperation in joint
 Prosecutions Manager and Investigating solicitors for operational legal support and
   throughout the prosecution process.

Outside the organisation
 Outside security/enforcement agencies (DoC, Customs, Police etc)– joint operations

 Key Result Areas                    Core objectives                      Measures of
General                    Leading assigned Enforcement
Investigations              Directorate’s investigations or inter-
                            departmental operations
                           Leading or participating in
                            investigations relating to all legislation
                            administered by MAF
                           Develop operational plans , prepare
                            and direct joint operations as

 Key Result Areas                  Core objectives                              Measures of
                         Undertaking specific covert
                          surveillance of persons and
                          operations suspected to be involved
                          in breaches of legislation
                          administered by MAF
                         Seeking and apprehending suspects
                          involved in illegal activities
                         Identifying and interviewing suspects
                          and witnesses to obtain prosecution
                          evidence / information
                          Gathering and analysing intelligence
                          information and assessing its legal
                          admissibility/relevance for court
                         Exercising statutory powers where
                         Undertaking team responsibilities as
                          allocated in any specific operation i.e.
                          officer in charge of exhibits, officer in
                          charge of logistics, officer in charge
                          of the scene.
Prosecution              Ensuring correct preparation ,
Processes                 collation and presentation of
                          information and associated material
                          (exhibits) used for court evidence
                         Briefing ED solicitors, MAF Legal
                          Services and Crown Solicitor in all
                          matters pertaining to specific
                         Presenting evidence at court or other
                          proceedings as required

Security Procedures      Ensuring proper security, storage and          MAF equipment used, stored
                          disposal of high risk items in                  and secured according to ED
                          accordance with statutory and                   procedures.
                          internal procedural requirements               Confiscated items and
                                                                          evidential exhibits secured
                                                                          and stored in accordance with
                                                                          ED procedures

Reporting                Completing investigation reports               Accurate information provided
                          within procedural time spans                    to meet deadlines

                         Co-ordinating the collection of data           Reports completed / files
                          and up-dating prosecution files of              updated within procedural
                          allocated investigations;                       time scales

                         Completing internal operational
                          reports , work records and expenses

 Key Result Areas                    Core objectives                          Measures of

                           Model expected MAF Behaviour               Behaviour appropriate to MAF
                                                                        standards and policies

                           Share in the responsibility for the        All standards are adhered to
                            health and safety of themselves and
                            others in their work environment by
                            carrying out their work-related
                            activities in accordance with safe
                            operating procedures and by
                            accurately reporting all hazards,
                            accidents and incidents.

                           Ensure a good knowledge of the
                            Treaty of Waitangi and an
                            understanding of its implications for
                            MAF's businesses.

Dimensions of the Position

The Investigator contributes to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry outputs in the areas
of agricultural security and the Animal Welfare Act. The Investigator works specifically within
the MAF Compliance and Enforcement Directorate and also has a close relationship with
other Inter-departmental and Departmental enforcement groups.

The Compliance and Enforcement Directorate plays an integral role in protecting New
Zealand from the introduction and possible establishment of prohibited and undesirable
animals, plants, diseases and pests as well as maintaining, through enforcement, the
integrity of the food chain. This position therefore has an impact on the status of NZ’s
agricultural security and international credibility in the eyes of overseas agencies and trading

The Investigator must be conversant with the laws under which the position functions: for

   -       Animal Welfare Act 1999
   -       Biosecurity Act 1993
   -       Crimes Act 1961
   -       Criminal Justice Act 1985
   -       Evidence Act 1908
   -       Forest s Act 1949
   -       NZ Bill of Rights Act 1982
   -       Privacy Act 1993
   -       Summary Proceedings Act 1957

   -        Trade in Endangered Species Act 1989

In addition to the more than 40 Public Acts that MAF administers there is a large body of
Subordinate Legislation that Investigators must be aware of.

    Number of direct reports:                                                            0
    Number of staff reporting to your direct reports:
    Total number of employees:

   Total Operating budget
   Baseline budget

Freedom to Act
   Within the framework of routine investigations, the position has the autonomy to act on own
    initiative and make decisions. Operational decisions and /or decisions relating to more
    serious investigations are made in consultation with the Team Manager, the Investigations
    Manager and Team Manager Prosecutions.

    Manages and prioritises own work load in accordance with agreed programme
    Expend travel and other expenses in accordance with budgetary limits

Security Clearance
   To fulfil the requirement of this position a security              Criminal conviction check
   clearance classification to the following level is

Additional Comments

Education, Skills, Experience


Education, skill, general knowledge and                    What aspect of the job requires
experience                                                 this?
Tertiary qualification or extensive experience in an       All aspects of role
enforcement related area
Comprehensive knowledge of criminal procedures             Presentation of oral and written
within a Court of Law                                      evidence at Court and other
Good knowledge of laws administered by MAF                 All aspects of role
together with those governing investigation and
Demonstrates good witness/suspect/defendant                Collection of information / evidence
interviewing skills
Demonstrates skills in the interpretation of body          Interview situations
language and personal traits
Competence in specific roles and duties pertaining to      Performing allocated roles e.g.
operations                                                 Officer in charge of Exhibits,

                                                         Logistics, Scene etc
Demonstrates knowledge of surveillance techniques        Planning and organising specific
and competence in use of operational equipment           operations
Demonstrates excellent oral and written                  All aspects of role
communication and reporting skills

Maintains a good standard of physical fitness            All aspects of role
Demonstrates a high level of personal integrity and      All aspects of role
conduct with a positive security clearance


Demonstrates a good level of computer literacy and
familiarity with MAF’s computer operating systems
and databases


Core for All MAF Positions

Competency                        Skilled Behavioural Examples
22. Ethics and Values                 o Adheres to an appropriate (for the setting) and effective
                                          set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad
                                      o Acts in line with those values
                                      o Rewards the right values and disapproves of others
                                      o Practices what he/she preaches
29. Integrity and Trust               o Is widely trusted
                                      o Is seen as a direct, truthful individual
                                      o Can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate
                                          and helpful manner
                                      o Keeps confidences
                                      o Admits mistakes
                                      o Doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain
54. Self Development                  o Is personally committed to and actively works to
                                          continuously improve him/herself
                                      o Understands that different situations and levels may
                                          call for different skills and approaches
                                      o Works to deploy strengths
                                      o Works on compensating for weaknesses and limits


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