Team Retention Chair Beyond the Basics by 387BA9V


									Relay For Life -Team Retention Chair

Continue to work with the Team Development committee to retain and train teams to be successful in
their fundraising efforts.

Beyond the Basics - Make it Easy on Yourself
 Have a planning meeting with Team Development and subcommittee members for the year’s
  strategy to success.
 Work with your Team Development committee to carry out team recognition activities.
 Review Customer Satisfaction Survey results for ways to support previous year’s teams (receive
  information from your staff partner).
 Ask staff partner to pull team captain reports from the last 3 years to use as other teams to contact.
 Prioritize team List ( high priority teams, priority teams, opportunity teams)
      o High Priority Teams –over and above Rising Star Teams who performed well above the
           baseline fund raising goal you have set for your event (i.e. $2,000+).
      o Priority Teams – teams who performed right where you asked them to but have potential to
           become high priority teams.
      o Opportunity Teams – new teams and any returning teams with lots of potential but just did
           not reach their goal (i.e. less than $100 per person).
 Recruit your sub-committee to support your efforts in building a relationship with previous year’s
  teams: 1 for every 10 teams you want to return.
 Assign subcommittee members to each team contact.
 Hold Team Captain party for last year’s top 10 teams.
 Help Team Development plan and support Kickoff, Team Captain University, Bank Night, and a Team
  Wrap up Party.
 Work with accounting to track team’s fundraising success; support teams that are low in fundraising
  dollars and congratulate those that are high.
 Work with Team Development committee to create a Work the Track Schedule:
        o Give a sincere thank you
        o Ask for feedback for the Relay committee
        o Ask how they would like to be involved next year and who the new Team Captain will be

Resources – Available to Team Retention Chairs (visit
 Team Retention eModule
 Survey Results from Last Year’s Teams (Working the Track and CSS Survey)
 List of Past 3 Year’s Teams and Contact Information

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