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									                 The Pennsylvania Energy, Utilities & Aging Consortium, Inc.
           Invites consumers and community-based organizations to a free event:

           The Alle-Kiski Energy, Utilities & Aging Roundtable

     WHEN: Friday, October 21, 2005                    WHERE: Alle-Kiski Senior Center
           Registration / Breakfast: 9:00am                   1039 Third Avenue
           Welcome & Roundtable Sessions                      New Kensington, PA 15068
           9:45 — 2:30pm                                        724-335-8597

                       Participation is limited to the first 150 registrants
     After 150 registrations are received, we will notify those who would be unable to attend

                               Attend these roundtables and learn about:

    Insurance Issues                                      Resources, Services and Programs
                                                             for older adults
    Utility Low- Income Programs
    Reducing Utility Bills                                AARP and Aging resources, services
                                                             and programs
    Social Security Update                                Responsible Utility Customer
    Medicare Part D                                      Protection Act
             Continental breakfast, lunch, and informational material provided.
                              For more information, call 724-335-8597
                      To register, complete this form and mail or fax
                              NO LATER THAN October 11, 2005

                 Name ___________________________________________________

Organization/Company ___________________________________________________

              Address ___________________________________________________

            Telephone ___________________________________________________

                   Fax ___________________________________________________

                e-mail ___________________________________________________

                  MAIL to: Alle-Kiski Senior Center
                           1039 Third Avenue
                           New Kensington, PA 15608
                           Fax 724-335-3075

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