3a swrda letter mar 2004 by WJL13oA


									                                                            AGENDA ITEM 3a

                                                       David Hider
                                                       Chair, RPMG

Nigel Williams
Partnership Manager
100 Temple Street

24 March 2004

Dear Mr Williams


Thank you for your letter dated 1 March 2004 and the accompanying final
report on the management systems audit of the SRB6 scheme, Bringing
Bristol Together. Perhaps I can point out that I am the Chair of the
Regeneration Programmes Management Group, not the Bristol Partnership.

In response to the points for further action set out in Appendix 1 of the report
and your request for information regarding how these points will be addressed
I set out our intentions below:

Recommendation 1(Para 2.5):       It was agreed at the Regeneration
Progammes Management Group meeting on 24 February 2004 that Paul
Drew (Bristol City Council) and Matt Jacobs (SRB Programme Manager)
should meet to draw up a draft agreement. The SW RDA were invited to
attend a meeting to discuss the specific requirements but this invitation was

A draft agreement has been drawn up and is being circulated to the
appropriate stakeholders for comment. Once agreement on the content has
been reached signed copies of the document will be forwarded to the SW
RDA. It is anticipated that this can be achieved by 31 March 2004, or shortly

Recommendation 2 (Para 2.21): The need for a higher profile method of
communicating information to the Bristol Partnership was agreed at the
Regeneration Programme Management Group meeting on 24 February 2004.
It was decided that Paul Drew should instigate discussions with Carrie Pooler,
the Partnership Manager, as to the most appropriate format for this. It is
anticipated that initial proposals will be formulated by 31 March 2004.

Recommendation 3 (Para 2.51): The final report was presented to the
RPMG on 23 March 2004. Following this the SRB Programme Manager
circulated a memorandum to all Project Managers detailing the relevant
findings. The SRB Programme Manager’s line manager will take follow up
action with the relevant senior staff within Bristol City Council.

I hope this gives you the information that you need.

Yours Sincerely

David Hider
Chair, Regeneration Programmes Management Group

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