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February 7, 2008

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 Web-based Service Extends Coverage to Meet Growing
     Demand for Foreclosure Prevention Services helps mortgage servicers, counselors connect
                        homeowners to local help

ITHACA, NY (February 7, 2008) – MortgageKeeper Referral Services, Inc. today
announced an expansion in the latest tool to help lenders and homeowners in the
struggle against foreclosure. is a Web-based servicing tool that gives collection and loss
mitigation departments the ability to connect homeowners in trouble with local
social service and non-profit agencies that may be able to provide assistance
and resources to prevent foreclosure.

The system provides loss mitigation specialists and foreclosure prevention
counselors with easy access to local referral information in sixteen service
categories, such as home repair, utility payment assistance, legal services, and
job training, for 35 high-risk foreclosure cities across the U.S.
“With the addition of 15 new markets, MortgageKeeper’s platform now covers
75% of foreclosure filings made within the 100 metro areas with the highest
numbers of foreclosures filings last year. There are hundreds of programs
across the county designed to help people in crisis but lenders and debt
servicers are often unaware of how to best direct their customers to the
appropriate agency. MortgageKeeper is a simple tool for making the link to local
help,” said J. Michael Collins, Co-Founder and President of MortgageKeeper
Referral Services, Inc. “Most communities have dozens of services that
borrowers might find helpful in tough financial circumstances.”

Colleen Hernandez, President and Executive Director of the Homeownership
Preservation Foundation, reinforced the importance of this resource. HPF
operates the national Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline at 888-995-HOPE which
provided foreclosure prevention counseling to more than 83,000 families last
year. “This has been an excellent tool for our counselors,” Hernandez said.
“They use it every day to connect distressed homeowners with providers in their
community who can help them in tangible ways. Due to the current foreclosure
crisis, we need to continue expanding the scope of the services we offer our
homeowners and this is a wonderful example,” said Hernandez.

Access to the database is by subscription only. For more information about this
service, please contact Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey at 630.969.2577.

Recent Examples of MortgageKeeper Making an Impact

One family referred to local services through MortgageKeeper got into troubled
because the main wage earner in the family had a health problem and fell behind
on mortgage payments, as well as their light and water bill. Their lender used
MortgageKeeper to connect hem to a public utility program that provides direct
financial assistance and helped the family catch up on utility bills. The family was
able keep the lights on and better positioned to qualify for a loan modification
from their lender.

A single mom in Cleveland mentioned her water heater had broken and she
could not afford to get it fixed and make another mortgage payment. Through
MortgageKeeper she was connected to a local housing organization and four
days later the water heater was replaced as part of an emergency repair
program. The homeowner had hot water again and now could focus on keeping
up with mortgage payments.

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