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									School-Dude Intro Steps – IT Requests ONLY
Willow Run Community Schools has an on-line system that consists of three separate systems all
accessible with one sign on. And what's even better is that it is web-based.

This new system is called SchoolDude. The three separate on-line systems are: Maintenance
Direct (on-line work order processing, IT Direct (helpdesk system); and FS Direct (building

These directions will ONLY assist you with the IT Direct          component. Look for
separate emails for the FS Direct and Maintenance Direct.

To access IT Direct, you will need to go to this URL:

When you go to the URL, the system might ask for the Account Code of our district:
 Please enter this number in: 778545568.
 Once you are in, you might want to book mark this site. *All teacher stations that I reimaged
have this shortcut icon already on their desktops.

- Enter your email address (example: janedoe@willowrunschools.org)

Some of you have been registered as a user, and you should have received a welcome message.

For those of you not yet registered, you will receive this message:

We cannot find the indicated email address.
Please either correct the email address or enter your last name below if you are a new requester.

- Enter your last name and click submit.

- Please fill in your first name, last name and school phone number extension. Click submit.

-The system will open and the first tab is Maint. Request. You will need to click the IT
Request tab (second tab).

- Go through the pre-defined steps. You will see a step to enter the Submittal password.
Because this document is on the web, you will need to phone 961-6225.

- Step 8 click on submit and you are done.

You will receive an email in your Gmail account showing that you submitted a work request and
you will receive emails showing the status of the request.

Remember to LOGOUT by selecting LOGOUT in the upper right hand corner.

Thank you.

Sharon M. Borton
Facilitator of Technology
Willow Run Community Schools

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