iPhone 5 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know by MaristelladeAsis


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Along with a new iPhone comes a whole new set of tips and tricks that could make your
life easier when using Apple’s smartphone. But while iPhone tricks are usually the same
with the newer iPhones, there are tricks that are buried too deep in a user manual (as if
anyone ever really uses the user’s manual) so new iPhone users who decided to sell
used iPhone for a new one would probably be in the dark right now. But don’t worry;
we’re here to enlighten you with a couple of iPhone 5 tricks that would not only make life
easier for you and your iPhone but would also make having an iPhone 5 a cool feat.

1. Find the User Guide – Just as we’ve stated up there, we’re not entirely sure if anyone
really reads Apple’s user guides. But if you come to a point where you wanted to learn
more about your newly bought smartphone and you can’t find the box it’s been in, the
easy way to find it is by going to Safari and tapping on Bookmarks where you can
select iPhone User Guide.

2. Locking the Screen – Ever had that feeling that you wanted to sell iPhone back
because the changing screen orientation makes you dizzy? There’s an easy solution to
that. Just double click on your Home button to access the multitasking bar. Swipe from
left to right and tap the portrait orientation lock or that button with a lock and an arrow
around it to make sure your screen stays on portrait orientation.

3. Scroll to Top – Wish your iPhone had the Scroll to Top button when you’re scrolling
down your emails or contacts and you don’t want to tire your thumb by scrolling
upwards? Well it may not have a button but it has a simple trick! To scroll to the top
page of your Safari, Mail and Contacts, all you have to do is tap the status bar (the black
bar on top that displays your network, battery and time) and your screen will go back to
the top page!

4. Know What Siri Can Do for You – If you decided to sell iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 with
Siri in it and you don’t know how to use Siri, you don’t have to look far. Siri can actually
help you get help about her by simply tapping on the letter ‘I’ when she says “What can I
help you with?” A quick rundown of Siri commands will appear on your iPhone screen!

5. Switch Directions for Panorama Setting – Initially, the iPhone 5’s Panorama settings
would allow you to take a panorama photo by moving your iPhone from left to right. But
what if you’re left-handed or if you can’t take a picture from the left because… erm…
because you just can’t? You don’t have to sell iPhone 5 back. You can actually change
the arrow direction in your Panorama settings by simply tapping on the arrow! What fun!


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