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									Social Media
Marketing Plan

                 October 5, 2010
Identify your top social media                    Social Media Capabilities
priorities by pinpointing gaps
between your social media potential
and maturity.                          Listen     Talk     Connect   Collaborate      Energize

Capabilities Defined:
Listen: We use social media to
capture insights and feedback from
our target stakeholders / customers.
                                                                Current State of Practice
Talk: We use social media to share     Social Media Potential
information with our target                                              (Maturity)
Connect: We use social media to
build relationships with and among
our target stakeholders/customers.
Collaborate: We use social media
to help our stakeholders/customers                Top Social Media Priorities
solve problems and share ideas
with us.                                                 (Opportunity)
Energize: We use social media to
spark advocacy and drive positive
viral messages.
  Social Media Potential is
      a function of your      Potential Components with Sample Factors
   stakeholder behaviors,
    business objectives,
                                                                                            Importance of social
  and industry dynamics.                                                                   media competencies to
                                                                                             achieving business
• The potential index is                                                Business                 objectives
  driven by questions you                                              Objectives
  answered about
  stakeholder traits,                                                    33%
  business objectives,               Current use of
  and industry dynamics.            social media by
• The potential index is                                     Stakeholder     Industry
  calculated for each of                                      Behaviors      Dynamics             Impact of regulation
  five social media                                                                                 on ability to use
  activities:                                                    33%            33%                  social media
                                  Extent that social media
        - Listen                      shapes stakeholder
        - Talk
        - Connect
       - Collaborate
       - Energize

• Additionally, we
                                 Potential Index calculated for each of five social media activities
  calculate overall social
  media potential for                   • Listen             • Talk      • Connect       • Collaborate     • Energize
  stakeholder groups you
  identified as most             Potential Index also calculated for your selected stakeholder groups
                                        • Customers          • Media    • Opinion Leaders• NGOs/Activists • Investors
                       Recommendation: Boost your social media listening system
  Listening to how
 your stakeholders     The goal is to do more than just monitoring—set up a listening system to identify patterns
                       and insights, and then establish processes or protocols to get the insight to the right part
  use social media     of the organization for action.
 and what they say
   is the first step       Listen strategically by first considering your audience’s needs and goals
    towards social         •    Use of social media differs across groups, so don’t ignore demographic information | Use
  media maturity.               Forrester’s free technographics profile tool for consumer audiences or business audiences

                           Get a feel for social media activity with free “self service” tools
                           •    Receive email reports on the latest relevant Google hits for a word or term related to your
                                company | Google Alerts
                           •    Monitor blog post mentions of your brand or other important terms, and track activity
                                across time | Technorati
                           •    Track activity for up to 10 terms across any of 14 media sources | Trendrr Free
                           •    See who is talking about your company and view a map of geographic hotspots | 30 Day
                                Trial of Jodange Top of Mind

                           Assess other medium or higher cost monitoring vendors
                           •    A moderately priced vendor may be a good choice, especially if you have limited manpower.
                                If your stakeholders are especially active in social media on topics that matter to your
                                organization AND you have the budget, also look at the higher cost options. | Check out
                                comprehensive vendor profiles of social media monitoring tools and vendors.

                       •       Hear how Sony Europe and Time Warner Cable monitor online conversations. Access the
                               replay here.
                       •       Learn from this example from Best Buy and see how they effectively listen to employee
                               conversations in internal social media.
                                                        Strategic Communications
Strategies                                          Actions                                      Accountability        Resources           Outcomes
UPDATE BUSINESS STRATEGY                               Ensure that logo is prominent on all        Marketing &       VP   BD               Clearly identified branding by existing
Implement brand strategy aligning brands in             social media activities                      Communications                            customers
marketing and communications initiatives i.e.          Include social media addresses/links                                                  Articulated benefits of products
tradeshows, demos, forums, blogs, discussion            on all collateral material and email
groups, etc.                                            signatures
                                                       Develop social media standards
                                                        guidelines and implement in collateral
COMPETITIVE VIA PRODUCTIVITY                           Collaborate with Sales/BD Leads on          VP BD                Sales              Trade shows attract the right people
                                                        the exhibitions/trade shows to attend       Marketing &           Engineers,         Messaging sparks interest in recipient
Build greater awareness and recognition of
                                                       Write compelling copy                        Communications       CEO                Prime opportunities
products and services through Social
Media/Bookmarking and Mobile Media in                  Leverage value for skills and                                     VP BD              Improved integration of VA and TX
addition to advertising, PR, Web, Trade Shows           expertise                                                                              locations
                                                        • Identify methods of promoting
•   Improve targeted communications around
    high profile or challenged programs /products         skills and services
    to improve visibility for prime opportunities
•   Increase awareness of services and support

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT                                    Engage employees and ask specific           Executives           Marketing &        Blackberry users can receive
                                                        individuals to participate in social        Marketing &           Communication       communications
   Streamline and improve internal
                                                        media for OW                                 Communications       Consultants,       Employees are kept up-to-date on HQ
    communications process and channels to
    ensure they are effectively reaching               Ask employees who have existing SM                                 etc.                activities
    employees -- supporting increased                   accounts to link back to OW website
    engagement and collaboration                        and forums, etc.
                                                       WebEx between locations on regular

BRAND PENETRATION                                      Define topics that can be covered in        Marketing &          CEO                Stories and articles published in media
 Increase volume of neutral to positive media          press releases – write abstracts to          Communications       VP BD              Visitors are tracked and metrics collected
  coverage                                              submit to media                             Sales Engineers      Sales              Calendar is visible to everyone in
 Increase website visits by 10% in 2011               Develop ways for visitors to return to                             Engineers           company
 Increase views of product specific pages on           site                                                                                  Customers have secured means of
  our websites by 10% in 2011                          Discuss specific needs for webpage                                                     communicating via forums, social
 Increase brand awareness to customers via             input                                                                                  networking
  meetings/demos/shows/Social Bookmarking              Create calendar of customer meetings                                                  Enhanced presence via Website
 Develop lead generation via use of Facebook,         Collaborate with VP BD and CEO to                                                     Enhanced presence via social sites and
  Twitter, and other Social Media channels              develop create messaging                                                               newsrooms
How Defense IQ Uses Social Media
                           Telling recipients
                          To forward to their
                              AND to join
How IDGA Uses Social Media
                         Telling recipients
                        To forward to their
                           AND to follow
                          them on Twitter
Using Social Media On Website Social Media News Rooms

                                        RSS feed to push
                                         information to

                                        Ability to connect
                                        With Company via
                                           social media
                                                 2011 Social Media Marketing Plan
Business Goals       Actions                                         Target            Resources             Outcomes                                      Time         Budget
   Development of      Create forums on LinkedIn,                     Users of OW      LinkedIn             Reinforces WOM marketing efforts tied        1X/day
    Forums               Facebook, Twitter                               products         BD Team               to business goals
      LinkedIn         Membership Fees                                                  Marketing/           Software Requirements / likes and
      External
                        Find a few sites where you can                                                          dislikes of product
                                                                                          Employees
       Website           become a trusted and valued member                                                     Strengthens perception of subject
                        Connect with blog                                                                       matter expertise

   Social Media        Develop a Social Media News Room               Global           Twitter              Drives audience to website                   1X/day
    News Room            for the website                                Web              Facebook             Increases awareness of products
                        Link to OW blog                                 Communities      LinkedIn             Increases likelihood of connecting with
                                                                                          YouTube
                                                                                                                 thought leadership who endorse
                                                                                          NING

   Involvement in      Idenify 1-3 social media sites that            Shared           Twitter              Helps build opt-in list                      1X/day
    Social Media         already reach target market                     connections      Facebook             Improves Search Engine visibility
    Sites               Open business accounts                         Groups           LinkedIn             Enables company to stay in touch more
                        Develop and write company profiles                               YouTube
                                                                                                                 frequently with business contacts
                         to fit audience for the social media                             Sales Engineers
                                                                                          BD Team              Raises visibility to clients, prospects
                         site                                                                                    and media
                                                                                          Marketing/
                        Create links to our blog
                        Invite current client, colleagues and
                         prospects from company address
                        Compile list of themes and topics to
                         discuss, tips to share, articles, videos,
                        Listen to other groups/forums before
                         entering into conversation
                        Create polls with Poll Daddy
                        Share events: speaking engagements,
                         seminars, webinars, tradeshows, etc.
                        Tweet-ups at events
                         Meet-ups

Trade Show              Tweet event                                    Industry         BD Team            Lead Generation – prime                        Per      Trade
  Events                          pre/post event                                         Textron Systems     opportunities                                   Event      Show
                                  Tweet-ups at event                                                         Raises Brand awareness                                     Events
                                  Meet-ups
                        Post YouTube activities of Show
                                    Social Media Marketing Plan…CONTINUED
Business Goals    Actions                                       Target          Resources             Outcomes                                   Time          Budget
   Blog             Re-activate blog on website                  global         Marketing Dept.    Increases search engine results             1X/week
                     Domain Name: on                                Sales Engineers    Guest blogging on sites of colleagues
                      Wordpress                                                    Employees           introduces you to their followers–
                     Repurpose press releases, articles into                      TSC web
                                                                                                        great visibility
                      blog and on social media news room                            development
                                                                                                       Blog’s RSS feed updates multiple
                     Create a guess blogging site
                     Link to our other social media sites                                              websites and social media sites from
                     Brand blog with look of website                                                   single post
                     Videos embedded in blog                                                          Extends information company has
                                                                                                        already provided

   Community         Create a lens by topic. Write helpful       Current        BD Team            Supports charitable organizations           1X/week
    Involvement        how-to’s for each product                    Clients        Sales Engineers    Site steers readers to their interest
    through           Focus on problem solving                    Prospects      TSC web             areas
    Squidoo            (helpfulness) – Examples:                                    development
                                                                                                       Readers enjoy making comments
                            How to build your ______
                            How to test your ______
                            Etc.
   Social           Watch trends to shape own marketing          Current        Digg               Filters information to requesters           1X/week
    Bookmarking       topics and tap into hottest subjects          Clients        Delicious          Ability to share links to articles and
                     Add and share links – about topic or                         StumbleUpon         online content (videos, photos, etc.)
                      your industry
                                                                                                        who then get to vote on whether or
                     Stay informed. Earn reputation of
                                                                                                        not they find the link interesting and
                      being the “go-to” person for
                      information on your topic                                                         provides suggestions of their own
                     Comment on other posts                                                           Word of mouth marketing
                     Blog about links found on social
                      bookmarking sites and send link of
                      company blog post to person who
                      originally posted the interesting
                     Subscribe to Diggs RSS feed (trend
Social Media Branding Strategy
                     • Cultivate
                      – Social media is a living
                        organism. Same for the
                        brand. Alignment, not
                        consistency is the basis of a
                        living brand.

                      – As the brand grows, no
                        decision should be made
                        without asking, “Will it help or
                        hurt the brand?”

                      – Document and disseminate
                        brand knowledge to everyone
                        in the company
                          • Transfer of knowledge to new
Social Media Branding Strategy
• Design Avatar/icons
• Trademarks
• Package Design – emotional design for right-brained thinking
    – Why to buy message
    – Include social media links
• Messaging - Differentiating
    – Who are you? | What do you do? | Why does it matter?
    – Innovate: Packaging is the last and best chance to influence a buying decision

                          COMMUNICATION MODEL

                         SENDER        MESSAGE        RECEIVER

•   Concept Testing
    – Focus Groups
    – Quantitative Research
    – Measure
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