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					                                                                                                            High school students and adults

                                                                                                           Law Enforcement & Homeland Security
                                                                                                 Income and placement
                                                                                                    CCTEC’s Law Enforcement and Homeland
                                                                                                 Security program graduates can expect wages to range
                                                               from $8-$20/hour to start, depending on their employer.

                                   Program at-a-glance
                                                                                                 Program of study
                                     Law Enforcement and Homeland Security offers
                                   students training in a wide variety of security,                CCTEC’s Law Enforcement and
Hospitality and Service Programs

                                   investigation and law enforcement skills that will              Homeland Security program includes 8 courses.
                                   prepare them for careers protecting lives, property and         Year 1:
                                   our nation’s security. The program is an intense study          • Administration of Justice
                                   and practice of policing, communications, tactics, forensic     • Introduction to Law Enforcement and Public Safety
                                   investigations and public safety skills. Use of computer-       • GIS in Law Enforcement
                                   based tools—including Global Information Systems                • Introduction to Policing
                                   (satellite-based images and databases)—are included in          Year 2:
                                   the program.                                                    • Law and the Criminal Justice System
                                                                                                   • GIS in Homeland Security
                                                                                                   • Introduction to Forensic Investigation
                                   Course content                                                  • Public Administration
                                                                                                   Please note: Adults finish the program in 1 year.

                                      Law Enforcement and Homeland Security is an
                                   intense study and practice of security and policing skills
                                   and techniques.                                               Recommendations
                                   Skills covered include:
                                      • History and development of criminal law.                 We recommend all Law Enforcement
                                      • Corrections systems and techniques.                      and Homeland Security students:
                                      • Patrol tactics.                                            • Be able to read and write English at grade level or above.
                                      • First aid and CPR.                                         • Have basic math skills.
                                      • Constitutional rights and legal issues.                    • Be able to work with people under stressful conditions.
                                      • Communication equipment and 10-code techniques.            • Be able to distinguish colors and
                                      • Investigation techniques.                                    have good eye/hand coordination.
                                      • GIS systems and databases.                                 • Have an ability to understand legal terminology.
                                      • Defensive driving techniques
                                      • Firearm safety.
                                      • Personal defense techniques.

                                   Job opportunities and college credits
                                      Law Enforcement and Homeland Security graduates
                                   have a variety of jobs available after completing this
                                      Our graduates will be able to find work with:
                                       • local security firms.
                                       • US Transportation Security Administration.
                                       • NJ Department of Corrections.
                                       • Area police departments (after Department of
                                         Personnel testing).
                                      Law Enforcement and Homeland Security graduates
                                   may earn up to 12 college credits towards an Associate’s
                                   Degree at local community colleges.


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