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									How to Approach Business Customers
Your current customer list is the perfect place to start gathering business referrals.
Ask your customers if they’ll introduce you to the office manager or Human Resources
manager where they work. Or, ask if they or any friends are in charge of an
organization or business. Any office with more than three busy people counts!
Independent Executive Senior Sales Director Jeanie Navrakal of Denver has had
great success with doctor's and dentist's offices. Any office with five to 10 women on
staff is a prime candidate for a holiday gift-giving service, says Jeanie. “I usually meet
with the office manager who is the decision maker. I find out the price point they’re
looking at and come up with a small, medium and big-spender gift for them to choose
from. They love it, and if you hit a home run, you’re a shoo-in for Administrative
Professionals Day, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.”
Jeanie starts with her own doctor’s office and then asks for referrals from them. Her
motto for packaging the gifts? Less is more. “You want to spend as little money as
possible, but make each gift as showy as possible, so they’ll want to open it. Usually a
gift in the $30 to $50 range is the most popular.”
You’ll want to contact businesses by phone or letter to see if they would be interested
in a Holiday Gift Service presentation. Check out the sample letter below and be sure
to follow up a few days after sending.

          Dear Ms. Barker:

          The hectic holiday shopping season is just around the corner.
          (Referral name here) told me your office might be interested in my
          convenient holiday gift-giving service. As a Mary Kay Independent
          Beauty Consultant, I can help you select perfect gifts for your staff
          and even help everyone in your office complete their holiday
          shopping without sacrificing endless lunch hours! I offer a variety
          of creative Mary Kay gifts for women and men of all ages. Best of
          all, I'll deliver the gifts to your home or office, wrapped and ready
          for giving.

          I'll call you next week to see when would be the best time for me
          to briefly present the exciting gift ideas from Mary Kay this holiday


          Julie Ford
          Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Start Early
To be successful in hopes of increasing your holiday sales, you should start
contacting local businesses. October is the ideal time to cultivate your business
customers and promote your holiday gift-giving service. Once you're in the door, you
can expand your service to include year-round celebrations such as birthdays,
employee anniversaries or a gift basket service for their clients. Make sure all gift
products include your address label and a business card to increase your reorder
business and, hopefully, attract new customers.

Ideas on Display
Create a few simple but elegant product displays to dazzle your business customers.
Make sure to offer a variety for women and men of all ages. Here's a quick list of ideas
to get you started, or use your own imagination and The Look to create gift sets for
every personality and occasion.

Under $25
Helping Hands
 • Satin Hands® Hand Cream With Sunscreen SPF 4
 • Salon Direct® Long-Wearing Nail Enamel

Happy Feet
 • Energizing Foot & Leg Treatment
 • Salon Direct® Long-Wearing Nail Enamel

Customized Color
 • Empty Color Compact with a gift certificate or note that says:
   “Lucky you! You get the gift of pampering. Pick the time and place, and you can
   receive a personal makeover and fill this compact with the Mary Kay® products of
   your choice.”

Under $50
Peaches 'n Cream
 • Summer Sweet Peaches™ Body Soak
 • Summer Sweet Peaches™ Moisture Lotion
 • MK Signature™ Creme Lipstick in Sunset or Orange Crush

Joy to the World
 • Joy Full Foaming Body Soak
 • Joy Full Moisture Lotion
 • Joy Full Sheer Fragrance Mist

Fit for a King
 • Daily Benefits For Men® Dietary Supplements
 • Skin Management® Enriched Shave Cream
 • Skin Management® Cleansing Bar

Holiday in the Sun
 • Sun Essentials® Sensible Protection Sunblock SPF 15
 • Sun Essentials® Sunless Tanning Lotion
 • Sun Essentials® Lip Protector Sunblock SPF 15
 • MK Signature™ Highlighters Bronzing Beads

Under $100
What a Girl Wants
 • Elige® Eau de Parfum
 • Elige® Indulgent Body Creme
 • Elige® Indulgent Shower Gel

What a Guy Wants
• Domain® Cologne
• Domain® After-Shave Balm
• Skin Management® Conditioner With Sunscreen SPF 8
• Skin Management® Enriched Shave Cream

Potential Business Customers
 • Real estate agents often send thank-you baskets for home buyers.
 • Title companies and many businesses often need employee-of-the-month gifts.
 • Law firms, travel agencies and insurance agencies often need gifts for clients and
   administrative assistants.
• Car dealerships/fire stations – men can always use help with gift ideas for wives,
  girlfriends, daughters and mothers.
• Your doctor's and dentist’s offices are a great place to start. Many women work in
  the medical field and would love to receive Mary Kay® products. The office
  manager can also refer you to other doctors and dentists who would benefit from
  the same service.

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