Security Guard Briefing by yaminvzone


									Nassim Mansion Security Guard Contract Briefing
  1. Retain 2 existing day guards (Freddy & Bong)
  2. Shall take over duty from the existing security company, M/s King’s
      Security, on 28 February 8am (1 day before the contract commence).
  3. Provide contract documents together with our terms and conditions chop
      and signed by 13 February 2006.
  4. The clocking device shall be provided by the MC and it shall be
      maintained by M/s Bulls-security
  5. Always one guard at the guard post and another guard patrolling our
      compound and facilities and this should be rotated by another guard at
      one or half hour interval
  6. Always carry walkie talkie while patrolling and clocking
  7. There are 20 clocking points at the moment and should be verified by M/s
      Bulls-Eye and make sure it is sufficient to for security purpose.
  8. Arrangement of clocking by route and timing shall be planned by M/s
  9. Visitors shall be thoroughly verified before entering the premises. All the
      visitor shall be recorded especially the car plate number, unit number, time
      in and out, Name and IC (if necessary)
  10. All the contractors, movers, delivery man, etc shall be issued with a pass
      (provided by your company) and recorded accordingly.
  11. Contractors and movers are only allowed in our estate from 9am to 5pm
      sharp during weekdays and strictly no one is allowed during weekend. If
      there is emergency such as no electric power, water, air con, chokage,
      etc, then the contractors are allowed to work in less noise manner in a
      short period.
  12. BBQ and tennis court booking shall be done at guard house either through
      phone or personally by the residents
  13. Make sure the visitors doesn’t park their vehicle in the resident lot
      (frequent problem).
  14. Water tank level and water meter reading shall be recorded daily
  15. Light defects for throughout the estate shall be checked daily. Lift lobby
      lights shall be checked twice a day. Lighting timer shall be checked daily.
  16. Your guard should play role to maintain our house rule (detail will be
  17. There should not be more than 3 relief guards and they should be same
      all the way.
  18. The guards are requested to be friendly towards residents and visitors but
      they should be strict when there is need. Should get to know all the
      residents such as their names, unit number, car plate number, etc.

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