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									                       Biology 2010C: General Biology, Spring 2012

           MWF 4:30 - 5:20 PM in Classroom Building I, Room 121 (Section 03)

Instructor: Dr. Mario Mota
Office: Biology 201A Phone: 823-6708 Email:
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 10:30 – 11:30 AM and 2:30-3:30 PM;
Tuesday and Thursday by appointment as my schedule allows.
Laboratory Sections: 2-hour sessions each Wednesday - Friday in Biology Building, Room
BL206 or BL211.

Laboratory/Course Coordinator: Michele Yeargain
Office: BL 201B Email:

Required books and materials: Biology, 9th Edition (Part 1: Custom Edition Campbell, N.
and J. Reece. 2011. Pearson Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc.

The full edition of Biology 9th Edition by Campbell and Reece (2011) is equally appropriate.
There are many changes from earlier editions of this textbook and if you choose to use an
earlier edition, you are responsible for finding and making all needed changes to content and
page numbers.

Laboratory Manual for Biology I, BSC 2010. Thomas. et. al. 2012- Online through WebCourses

Scantrons: You are required to supply scantrons for your exams. Five (5) raspberry-
colored scantrons with no markings on them MUST be given to your teaching assistant
by the end of second week of the semester. If no scantrons are submitted, you will
receive a zero on Exam 1. Please be sure to put your name and lab section on the
outside of the scantron package. Do not write your name on the paper of the scantron.

Web Homepages: This course will be set up in WebCourses for PowerPoint presentations
(some lecture notes), assignments and grading functions. The site can be accessed via After entering WebCourses you will need to enter a USERID and a
PASSWORD. Instructions for these are at the bottom of the WebCourses homepage. If you
have technical difficulties please contact the techrangers:

Classroom Conduct: By enrolling at UCF, all students have agreed to abide by the Golden
Rule. Please become familiar with this document at:
Please also use common courtesy in class by arriving and departing on time, refraining from
talking during class, and turning off cell phones, pagers and IPods. People not adhering to
these common courtesies will be asked to leave the class. Tape recording of lectures is

Grading: You receive one grade for BSC 2010 that combines your lecture and laboratory point
totals. Lecture tests/final exam combined will be worth 70% of the grade. Each lecture test
will be worth 15% and the final exam will be worth 25 %. We will count the best 3 out of 4
lecture exams (45%), required final exam (25%), the laboratory grade (25%) and lecture
quizzes (5%) in determination of your final score. Please note that Exam Three and the Final
exam cannot be dropped.

The laboratory component will be based on quizzes and assignments. At the end of the
semester, your score for each of the above components will be added together and converted
to a percentage. Grades for the semester will be awarded using the following scale: 88-100%
= A, 77-87% = B, 66-76% = C; 55-65% = D; 0-54% = F. There will be no additional curving
of grades. To figure out what grade you have at the present time, calculate the percentage of
your earned points by total points possible at that time.

If you decide to drop the course, please remember to officially drop the course by Tuesday,
March 20th, 2012 at 11:59 PM. Failure to do so will result in an F grade. No grades will be
given over the phone or via email by Dr. Mota, Michele Yeargain or the Biology Department
secretaries. The instructors reserve the right to hold pop quizzes or exercises in class at the
time and in the form of their choosing. Grades from the quizzes will count as mandatory credit
towards the final semester grade (5%). Cheating will result in forfeiture of all credit points for
the semester for all parties involved, as well as referral to the UCF Disciplinary Action

Extra credit points will also be available by using the Supplemental Instruction resources at
SARC (see below). If you participate in 15, 50-minutes SI sessions (or 15 hours of SARC
biology tutoring sessions with prior approval and only if SI hours conflict with your class
schedule), extra points will be awarded on the following scale at the end of the semester: 15
sessions = 10 points. The maximum SI extra credit is 10 points total and no partial credit will
be given. These 15 sessions must be achieved in the following way: 3 in January, 6 in
February and 6 in March. Although you can and should attend as many SI sessions as you
can, only this combination of SI hours (3:6:6) will be accepted.

Please note that although SI/SARC will run in April, no credit will be provided for those
sessions. If you miss the minimum number of SI sessions during a month, they cannot
be made up later. Please keep track of your own hours. Only regular SI sessions count
towards the total points and not exam review sessions. The last day that will count for these
bonus points is: March 31 2012 at 5 PM. You must sign in and out at the time of each SI
session to receive the extra credit points. In addition, the Leader’s record of attendance
at SI sessions is the ACCEPTED formal record. If you are not documented as having
signed in and out, you will not receive credit. Again, the last time to receive extra credit
for attending SARC/tutoring sessions will be March 31st at 5:00 PM. Please note that
you must attend SI sessions designated only for Dr. Mota’s classes.

Z grades: UCF faculty members have a responsibility for your education and the value of a
UCF degree, and so seek to prevent unethical behavior and when necessary respond to
infringements of academic integrity. Penalties can include a failing grade in an assignment or
in the course, suspension or expulsion from the university, and/or a "Z Designation" on a
student's official transcript indicating academic dishonesty, where the final grade for this
course will be preceded by the letter Z. For more information about the Z Designation, see

Lecture Exams: All exams will be based on BOTH lecture material and assigned readings.
There will be four, multiple choice, lecture exams during the semester. There will also be a
COMPREHENSIVE multiple choice final exam. Please note that exams are not simply cut-
and-paste from the book or other exams. All students are required to take exam Three and the
final exam. These two exams will not be dropped.

Taking Exams: You must take each lecture exam in the LAB section for which you are
registered for the course during your scheduled lab time. You must wear closed–toe
shoes to all labs, including exam days. Please note that the Final Exam will be given in
the lecture hall according to the Final Exam Schedule for Spring 2012. Failure to take an
exam in the correct location and at the correct time will result in a 0 for the exam. All exams
will use machine-scored answer sheets that we will provide. You need to bring a #2 pencil and
your valid UCF Student ID card. No credit will be given for an exam if you do not show your
student ID. Your name, PID number and test form must be printed/ bubbled on the answer
sheet and will be checked as you leave the exam. All books, notes and bags must be placed
in the front of the room before exams are handed out. You are responsible for your own
personal belongings, so please do not bring anything valuable with you to an exam. Please
note that in the past, textbooks and purses have been stolen. If calculators are permitted, it
will be stated prior to the test date. All programmable calculators will be checked. Language
translators are not permitted. Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of an exam
will not be allowed to take the exam. Persons needing to use the lavatory during an exam will
be allowed to do so only if a teaching assistant is available as an escort. No one may leave a
45 minute exam until the exam has concluded for the entire class. No one may leave the Final
Exam until 1 hour has past. No students will be admitted to the Final Exam after 1 hour has
passed. If you fail to encode the correct identifying information or test form on any test, you
may receive a zero for that test. This includes the final examination.

Cheating on lecture exams or on lab assignments will not be tolerated! Any person
caught copying off another paper or signing in for someone else on an exam or cheating in any
form will receive 0 points for the both the lecture and lab which will result in a letter grade of “F”
for the semester in the entire course and the matter will immediately be referred to the UCF
Disciplinary Action Committee. Falsification of any information, such as notes related to
absences or verbal information is considered cheating within this policy. Plagiarism is also
considered cheating and we use, which also has a plagiarism detector, for written

Make Up- Exams: There are no make ups! If you miss an exam, that exam will be
considered your lowest exam and dropped. This will not hurt your grade. If you miss an
exam for an approved University event, (such as a soccer game, etc.) please contact
Michele Yeargain to arrange for a make-up within one week before the exam.

Only under extreme circumstances we allow students to make-up exams Three and the Final
(because they cannot be dropped). A student must contact Michele Yeargain within 48 hours
after the missed exam. No exceptions are made. For all legitimate excuses, Michele MUST
SEE THE EXCUSE NOTE one week before a make-up exam will be scheduled. Excuses will
NOT be accepted after this time. A valid excuse must be from an appropriate authority
(doctor, police, judge) on letterhead and with original signature. The excuse will be verified
and determined valid or invalid by the instructor. Please note we do not accept excuses from
family members. Students may make up exam Three during the next scheduled exam time.
Example: You have a note from your doctor stating that you had the flu during Exam Three at
your regular lab time at 8:30 on Wednesday. You would then take make-up Exam Three on
thursday or friday if possible, or during the week when Exam Four is in progress. Excused
students that cannot attend any of these make-up times will take the test immediately after the
Final Exam. Please note that make-up exams may vary in format and difficulty.

Reviewing Lecture Exams, Quizzes, Assignments, Final Exam and Grades: Scantrons will
not be returned to students. However, they can be examined in the Instructor's office during
office hours or with Michele Yeargain. Each person will, however, get an individual test report
sheet with all correct and incorrect responses marked on it. Test reports will be returned
during your laboratory section. Tests, quiz, lab assignments, and lab report results must be
reviewed within two weeks of the time grades are provided. Please resolve any grade
concerns in a timely manner, as no review will be allowed after that time. This includes lab
homework and lab grades. For grades generated during the last two weeks of the semester,
all grade concerns for grades posted prior to the Final Exam must be resolved prior to you final
exam day and time. The final exam may be reviewed for a period of two weeks following the
date grades are posted by the Registrar. After these dates, no additional review will be

All locations and times of lecture exam result viewing will be announced in lecture after each
exam. Please note that review of previous exams and quizzes will not be allowed during finals
week or after the final exam has been taken. Copying information from the exam is prohibited
during post-exam viewing and analysis sessions. Your in-semester lecture exam grades will
be posted in WebCourses.

Disability Access Statement: The University of Central Florida is committed to providing
reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities. This syllabus is available in
alternate formats upon request. Students with disabilities who need accommodations in this
course must contact the professor at the beginning of the semester to discuss needed
accommodations. No accommodations will be provided until the student has met with the
professor to request accommodations. Students who need accommodations must be
registered with Student Disability Services, Student Resource Center Room 132, phone (407)
823-2371, TTY/TDD only phone (407) 823-2116, before requesting accommodations from the

Laboratories: The labs are an integral part of this course and you are required to attend ALL
laboratory sessions in the Biology Building. See your lab syllabus for the lab absence policies.
Laboratory sessions cannot be made up. If you have a valid, documented reason for missing
a laboratory session, you must contact your TA within 48 hours and the excuse must be
submitted on letterhead with original signature (from doctor, police, judge, official UCF event,
etc.) at the next lab you attend after your absence. You must print your laboratory syllabus
from WebCourses and bring it to the lab at the start of your first laboratory session. Roll will be
taken at the beginning and end of each lab. If you leave during a lab without permission, it will
be considered an unexcused absence. Quizzes for each lab will occur at the beginning of
each lab session after any assignments have been collected. It is advisable to wear old
clothes to lab. Closed-toe shoes are required by OSHA. If you lack closed-toe shoes, the
instructors will not allow you to enter the lab and it will be an unexcused absence.
There will be no smoking, eating or drinking in the laboratory.
Please Note: If you leave the lab after an exam and do not stay for the lab exercise that
day, it will be considered an unexcused absence for the exam and lab assignments for
the day. Thus you will receive 0 points for the lab assignments/quiz and 0 points for the
exam. This grade cannot be the dropped exam grade.

Help & SARC: Please ask for help if you need it! The professor and the graduate teaching
assistants are there to answer your questions. Please note that questions for lecture sections
must be addressed by the Professor or designated SI for those lecture sections. Additionally,
there is help available through SARC (Student Academic Resource Center, Howard Phillips
Hall, Room 115: 407-823-5130; SARC provides students with free
individual and small-group tutoring for Biology 2010 and Supplemental Instruction (SI). Both
can be used for extra credit (read conditions above). SARC can also help with study skills.

In this course, we will utilize, an automated system which instructors can use to
quickly and easily compare each student's assignment with billions of web sites, as well as an
enormous database of student papers that grows with each submission. Accordingly, you will
be expected to submit your lab report and assignments in electronic format. After the
assignment is processed, your instructors and TAs receive a report from that
states if and how another author’s work was used in the assignment. For a more detailed look
at this process, visit We will provide specific directions for these submissions during the lab in which lab report directions are given. All
submissions must be in .doc, .docx or PDF format.

Knightsmail: Effective September 28, 2009 faculty will only communicate or contact students
via the student Knights email accounts. You must set up a Knights account at Please note that if you email from another account we will not be
able to communicate with you.

Emailing Professors: Emails are considered professional communications and should be
treated as such. All communications are kept on record for 3 years. Please follow this protocol
to get a speedy response:
     Write a detailed description in the subject line (e.g Bio 1 question about Chapter 2)
     Please address your emails with the proper salutation, such as “Good morning Dr.
       Mota” instead of “Hey” or “Sup” and finish by Yours sincerely, Student Name.
     Your email may be forwarded between Teaching Assistants or other professors so it is
       important to always include your full name, PID, and what class/session you are taking.

Redundant emails: We will NOT reply to messages requiring information that is available in
this syllabus, that pertain to announcements posted on Webcourse or that can be resolved by
common sense and/or using standard public or UCF information services. Make sure you read
all the information on Webcourse and in the syllabus before sending an email. If you do not
get a reply to an email, check it was not redundant before resending. Examples of redundant
emails are “when is the test?”, “what chapters are on this test?” etc.

BSC2010 for Spring 2012 Tentative Lecture Schedule (subject to change): Please read
all assigned chapters listed below before coming to lecture.

Jan 9: Course Requirements and organization
Jan 11: Guest Speakers and Chapter 1
Jan 13: CH 2

Jan 16: Holiday, No Class
Jan 18: CH 3
Jan 20: CH 3/4

Jan 23: CH 4/5
Jan 25: CH 5
Jan 27: Review for Exam 1 over CH1-5

Jan 30: CH 6 (Exam 1 given in lab this week on CH 1-5)
Feb 01: CH 6
Feb 03: CH 7

Feb 06: CH 7
Feb 08: CH 7/8
Feb 10: Review for Exam 2 over CH 6 and 7

Feb 13: CH 8 (Exam 2 given in lab this week over CH 6 and 7)
Feb 15: CH 9
Feb 17: CH9

Feb 20: CH 9
Feb 22: CH 10
Feb 24: CH 10/ Review for Exam 3

Feb 27: CH 12 (Exam 3* given in lab this week over CH 8, 9, 10)
Feb 29: CH12
Mar 02: CH13

Spring Break March 5-9: No Classes.

Mar 12: CH 13/14
Mar 14: CH 14
Mar 16: CH 14

Mar 19: CH 14
Mar 21: CH 15
Mar 23: CH 15 and problem solving

Mar 26: Review for Exam 4 (Exam 4 given in lab this week over CH 12-15)
Mar 28: CH 16
Mar 30: CH 16

Apr 02: CH 17
Apr 04: CH 17
Apr 06: Problem Solving over Chapters 16 and 17

Apr 09: CH 19
Apr 11: CH 22
Apr 13: CH 22

Apr 16: CH 23
Apr 18: CH 23
Apr 20: Review for Final Exam*

Apr 23: No Class/Study for Final

*Reminder, you cannot drop this exam

Final Exam takes place in your lecture hall: Final Exam Time is held according to the UCF
Spring 2012 Final Exam Schedule, and is comprehensive, including material from all chapters.
You must take the Final Exam for the section in which you are enrolled. Failure to do so will
result in zero points for the exam.

MWF 4:30 - 5:20 PM in Classroom Building I, Room 121 (Section 03) Final Exam on
Monday April 30th, from 4 PM to 6:50PM in CL 121.


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