Creating an Logo for DPAS Labels

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					Creating a Logo for DPAS Labels
The following process can be used to create a custom logo on the DPAS label for a Zebra

Source Image
An image should be created with a color depth of 1-bit (black and white). Image size
should be 192 pixels by 192 pixels. The resulting file size cannot exceed 4.5 KB in size.
This size is determined by the amount of black within the image.

Converting the Source Image
   1.      Start the ZebraNet Bridge application
   2.      From the menu bar, click Tools > Graphics Conversion Wizard

   3.      Click the Browse button to locate the source logo file
   4.      Click the Next button to continue
   5.      Select any rotation desired

   6.      Click the Next button to continue
   7.      If the original source file was created as a 192 pixel by 192 pixel image,
           nothing needs to be modified.

           If the source image was some other size, change the Width in Pixels and
           Height in Pixels both to 192 and click the Apply Resizing button. If the
           resulting change is unacceptable, click the Reload Original Image to revert
           to the original source file to try again.
  8.    Click the Next button to continue
  9.    In the Memory Device filed type E:
  10.   In the Filename filed type DPASLOGO
        Note: Type this filename regardless of the name of the logo being loaded
  11.   Verify .GRF (Uncompressed) is selected from the Extension drop-down

  12.   Click the Next button to continue
  13.   Click the Save button
  14.   Choose a location to store the .zpl file where it can be located in a future step
  15.   Enter a filename for the .zpl file
  16.   Click the Save button in the Windows Save As dialog box
  17.   Click the Next button to continue
  18.   Click the Finish button close the wizard

Making the Image Uploadable

  1.    In Windows, click the Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
  2.    Go to File > Open
  3.    In the location bar on the left-hand side click the Desktop location
  4.    Change the Files of type to All Files
  5.    Double-click on the .zpl file created in the previous process
  6.    On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Home
  7.    Type ${
  8.    On the keyboard, press Ctrl+End
  9.    Type }$
  10.   Go to File > Save As…
  11.   Change the File name to LOGO.htm
  12.   Change the Save as type to All Files
  13.   Close Notepad

Uploading the Image to the Printer

  1. On the Windows Desktop, double-click the LOGO.htm file to open it in a web
     browser window
  2. Go to File > Print…
  3. Select the Zebra Bravo 2 printer
  4. Click the Print button

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