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					How to Create a Custom Insert for your InterWrite™ Mobi Pad (Model 400)
1. Drag icons from the table below and position them in the white SoftKey areas on the Interwrite Pad Insert shown on Page 2.
   (When you first place an icon on the Insert, it may take a few seconds to appear.) You can also copy and paste the icons instead of dragging them.
    Hint: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to position the icons more precisely. If they move in large increments only, then you have Word set up to
    snap objects to a grid. To turn this feature off, click on Draw in the Drawing toolbar, select Grid…, then uncheck Snap objects to grid .

2. Print your finished Insert and cut it out for use with your Interwrite Pad.

3. Be sure to save your work before exiting Word.                                      To program the Softkeys, refer to InterWrite Workspace Help.
Annotation & Drawing        Editing                         Multimedia                 Presentation
    Pen                         Selection                       Gallery                    Mouse Mode
    Multicolor Pen              Eraser                          Insert Media               Spotlight
    Picture Pen                 Undo                            Record and Playback        Curtain
    Highlighter                 Redo                            Flash Player               Zoom
    Text                        Clear                           Audio File                 Links
    Freehand Text               Split Sentence into Words       Video File                 Lock Pads
    Line                        Cut                         File Management                Interwrite PRS Functions
    Shapes                      Copy or Clone Text              Save
    Freehand Shape              Paste                           Export PDF             Navigation
    Stamper                     Select All                      Email PDF                  Previous Page
Page                            Order Selected Entities         Export Entities            Next Page
    Create Blank Page           Rotate Selected Entities        Add Files to Gallery       Page Up
    Create Grid Page            Group                           Page Sorter                Page Down
    Create Image Page           Ungroup                         Recycle Bin                Start Internet Browser
    Create Calendar Page        Move to Background          Set Up                     Multi-Purpose
    Create Duplicate Page                                       Calibrate                  Onscreen Keyboard
    New page Setup                                              Session Manager            Toolbox
    Capture                                                     Device Manager             Freehand Text Recognition
                                                                Preferences                Record & Playback

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