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					   CHART OF THE
               Welcome To


Where we study the Tribulation and the End times
 “In the beginning was the WORD
 And the WORDE     was with God, and
         the WORD was God
The same was in the beginning with
    There was andsinned and
      All men have is something
         at wereC
      thingsthe center glory
 All come short of theof the of and
                   made by him;
                  R upholds all
      universe that
without him was O any thing made.
          things S the life was
In him was life, in it by it’s as the
     Though theirand be red
             lightS be washed
    scarlet, they canmen.
     away light shineth in darkness
 And the and become white as
 and the darkness comprehended it
           not.” John 1:1-5
“And it shall come to passas received days, to them
              “But as many in the last him, saith God, I will pour
     out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and yours sons and yours
               gave he power to become the sons of
                   prophesy, andH   your young men
daughters shall God, even to them that believe shall see visions,
               and your old menE    shall dream dreams:
                ON HIS NAME!
  And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in
                              CHRIST determinate
        Him, days were born, byand they shall prophesy: and
         those   being delivered notthe blood, nor ofcounsel
              Which of my Spirit; of
   foreknowledgewonders in have taken, and by signs the earth
            show of the flesh, nor of the will of wicked
And I willthe will of God, ye heaven above, and man, in hands have
                 crucified and slain
          beneath; blood,but ofRGod. vapour of smoke:
                            and fire, and
 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood,
                        And the WORD
                            raised up, having Lord the pains of
     Whom God hathand notable day of theloosed come:
       before that great
           because was made that whosoever should be holden of
                    it to pass, flesh, and dwelt
  death:shall come was not possible that he shall call upon the it.
  And it
                               Johnbeheld his
             among us, (and we O 1:23,24 glory, the
                  name of the Lord shall be saved.
                glory as of the only begotten of the
                 Father,) these words; Jesus/Yahshua, a
  Ye men of Israel, hearfull of grace and truth.”
                            John you by
 man approved of God among1:12-14 miracles and wonders and
signs, which God did by him in the midst of you as ye yourselves
                       also know: John 1:17-22
     The Revelation of Yahshua/Jesus the Messiah

        Most peopletwo shortened itking days yetof of
        thethen comes Yahwah/God, above“marksee the
      These manchild,Greatthe field; begin savedthe
     Forverse theofnotedidcloudsthosewere became
      Inonly are hadn’tinalongnot take thethe this 12
    IfYahshua shallnote the inwithwe theday,tribeswas
        (ThenWord belongsbefore same who ofand be
         This what rapture, him we youone shall for
             Special whoto(humans) that such the
              Special flesh in 24, as begin this
              Lord the be
       InAfter 30 Nowbebefore (thoseDavid, the in
                                  to the part.
                                 the hour says will not
            the shall ofMatthewTribulation, earth as 42
      the elect’s (saints) Greatthe seewomen this time,
      beast”, yet mourn,seeinguptherefore as thesuchwith
    deadpresentation,presentation:saints (elect)beas
      not sinceandwhilecaughtofThesehappen laterwillthe
    thisbelievers½thebelievers,Tribulation, a ofair are
        apostles,the areother left.the world to result of
          taken, not gives might
                          hoursake. Two   resurrection),
       the in Christ oldpresentation:the in thenman
     knowing (312 beginningsometogether Sonshallin24
        month whatyrs.) and they time periods the
              earth          testament prophets, thus we
    comingnor Christ mill;remain.Return.raptured, but
    2300 days,ever shallofsomeone nothim!overof it
     elders,mentionedcontinueswere to ruletaken, along
     would areat the 31 alive,onemeet etc., that when
     We sawin believers, andHis which istime his saints
      not day, verse days,the12, at thatbenot shall
        grinding promisedbeMatthew 24, that (ICorn.
        also know the daytheythe shall withYahshua
          no, in 1260 in of months away and
          those that clouds 42 to down  on             talking
H                        The Last Day Messiah
    iscertain events happenBibleatDay of the graves
     toreturns and Theandtherefore prophetic these
    Michael standgathersLastopening ye many days
                                  15:51) this which
    about the becomewho histheit as a for in know not of
    saintsdo KING in the do not believe theof book
      with otherthoseOF KINGS, is to howthe Great
      they Jesus left. Watch atsaints after Him, from
         not disclosed believers prince time. They had
          remove there, becausethe beginning standeth
         the that are alivethe great Yahshua
    Tribulation knowwoulddeathand caught upthis a
    forhis heard theofLordpeople:ofand resurrection.
       whatKingdomitworld,as they dotheweknow nor
          Canhour yourJesus’sofboth arethe Messiah not
           the childrenthose days, Christ not LORD’S
                 weafter saints andand that believe
                       the was time to. there shall
             of theof of gospeldoth all the saints,that the
      the future dead it thyshortened obvious wouldbe ,
                              which seem come. But               V
       specific times, and hour knoweth no man, no,
B       thatday tells to, forth the be determined.
            of the goodman seta a in teaching
      But ofshe dayus suchknew the child, angelsof
      “And that broughtandofas thesend the air. thethe
                 that day
                  know of Return? seasons and
    ButYahshua/JesustoexactshallHISadvance. ofwasin
     This isifbelong thatandheforup house,hissince thereto
                  the his(Andknow man was who
       time of(raptured) to rapture/resurrection with
      Yahshua trouble, the meetneverinKingdom.times              E
                    of                  him
                           return couldbut myhad known           L
O    Justtoall says “asthiefNoah,years! inFather only.
       was he the evenof days ofwhen heraptureshall
     Now,the nationsofthatwouldand theyand herof in
      whatit inangels thousandsamewouldn’t come on
       not nation forathe dead of time.shallso child
     arule awatch timethemwe theyiron:heenteredand
        resurrectionof with that verse were, gather
        dead in Christ, the aso come, know have
         great had not of trumpet, Noah Dan.12:1)
                                             the would
    andIfaswatch thebeen forrodwould notMatthew into
                 sound         to the                            A
      also the hisTHE based 24:36)repentedhouse
    thewhen whichup(Matthewontheyshortened,asbe to
                     those of happen, DAY
      24:21,22 by would LASTwe would in able to
     watched, comingMILLENIALchurchshouldone of
      together andelect(raptured/resurrectedhisthe ark
       us unprepared.represents the man be. be upon
    Andark, theyYahshua/Jesus,fourREIGNfromthere
             exceptTHE So the Son ofbe winds,
                             it notthe suffered
          was caughtsawdays should that, we For the
                              from have
                                 advance.                   in   T
    shouldheaven unto flood thethe flood(only fourno
     endseeing such,the God, and seasonthrone.werethe
        beGodto knowMatthew cominghis name, thus
         the we infleshwere other.theto hisor gathering
           able no thatdetermine but day. 24:31 )in
             ofdays up. andleast raptureand they sake
                 dead) tobe by the Matthew elect’s
                   get to the before in the Noah
                            at believed for
     NowbrokenHeaven saved:24:40-43) knowethand                  I
          eating andforagain came ofwhichsent me, get to
        “And this isdrinking,of him theThesegivingthat to
O                   born the shortened.thatandfire, theHIS
              this isthethe will hour monthswe of made
                            the believers. noweach) of earth
                                    marrying promise
      Plushourof shallfulfillment(destruction) willthethe
    becomingno,the flood angels(butheaven,arenotinones
    ark, waitinganot be flood 3 of Matthew but my
     those days approximately
     The oneis different issue                       24:21,22    O
                    which seeth the Son, and believeth on
     every he was talking about, when heof Israel, the
    marriage,So, nowremoval the the wicked! into his
     whom but I water) and of flood removed the                  N
F         flooding by thephysical at should be able to
                              Father Noah
                               day that
        shortly and theeverlastingNATION Isaid raise
      Abraham untilbelieve that only. entered that for
         return. and thelet’s lookwe Yahshua's Words!
            the elect’s time within 3 life: andtaken) which
                         sake, earth, months, orwill
      him, may have theheark. before we all flesh.
         descendantsthe earth would save someless!into
      wicked from in
             know the               (one shall be     go
                                  last day.”
                him up at the Eternity John 6:40
                were the remaining unbelievers, and
               ABOUT the AUTHOR
    The Revelation of Yahshua/Jesus the Messiah
      and founder of The Tribulation Institute
     After 40 years of studying beginning in 1972 with the
    New Age, then the Great Tribulation and finally the New
                                has ready to be released to
    The Author of this workhe isread over 250 books
          Order, says, that
    WorldJesus this presentation tells us things
     on the Tribulation alone, hundreds of books on
E            those who want to when they come to
      beforehand so that know more about
     the New Age and the New World Order, not to
L                                                             R
               pass, we Weof hours of audio and
                                Now Live
             The Timeswould believe!!In                       E
I      mention the thousands
E                            &
            Jesus is TV and Internet study time!
         video tapes, the spirit of prophecy!                 A
V               The Great Tribulation                         D
       He has taken the truth as he sees it, FROM A
E                           things in the
     He is showing youis at hand! future, so
    We when be in “birthpangs” now! 2011?
    that could they begin to happen, you would
       THEM AND PUT so that you at his website
        believe more of Jeff’s work might be
     You can seein HIM THAT KNOWLEDGE IN
                THIS LIFELONG WORK!
         He is also the author of 4 Books on the
             Rapture & the Tribulation.
              Jefferson Amory Forrester
                                 Eternal Salvation
                                 Eternal Salvation
                                   Eternal Death
 Yahshua: King of Kings         This Chart of Man
                             Since the Fall Tells thein
                               Garden Story of the
                               Biblicalof Eden ,the End
                          the The World is heading
                               of Satan’s rule of the
Why the Chart                  towards the return to
                                    Last 7 Years
                           Earth of it’sof Israel who
                            of His people Mankind’s
                              Kingdoms &his World
                            (Secular,Creator.God) in
  and this                    are The Church of the
                                           who finally
                              the Earth would do not
                                All those of Abraham,
                             Living God
                             accept the end 6,000 yrs.
                            come toGod’s (Yahwah’s)
 teaching?                        i.e.    House of
                                   FREE GIFT whoof
                               later, & all those OF
                            Israel/Jacob & House
                                     & worship him
                            followSALVATION &
                               Judah (Jews), which
                            themselves (self-idolatry)
                               For Eternity, will live
                              together are the TRUE
                              will be removed from
                              forever Israel Lake of
                           Nation of in Thein the last
                                     Earth when
                               Fire without Return in
                           days before His God, but
                          Yahshua/Jesus returns with
                            with the god of this world
                           Jerusalem, Israel to set up
                            His saints to rule & reign
                                Kingdom, & interaction
                          His SATAN/LUCIFER!!
                            over the KINGDOM OF
                             with twin brother Esau!
                                  Lord’s Return
                                   Lord’sof Fire
                                  The Coming of our
                                 LORD AND SAVIOR
                                  May God have
                                   Yahshua/Jesus is
                                   mercy on our
  The Light of the World
Now, the                         SOON AT HAND
Complete                           The Bride of Christ is
                                 making HERSELF ready

May it shine into your hearts!
                                 for His Glorious Return at
                                    END OF THE AGE!!

                                 Will You be ready???
            The ChartThe Book ofSEVEN Years Before
                        of the Last Beginnings
          Chart of the Book of Revelation (of Jesus Christ)

                                  Nation of ISRAEL
                              The Kingdom of Christ
                                     Later Until400 like
                                And he said didn’tof the
                                   A Short History year
                                     them; theirtothe their
                                     After Israel,Jeroboam
                                    And they causedLordthe ten
                                               This tribes of
                                Say unto them, thusone
                                  Andthethe 12 didin of
                                    (an join them not
                                  split of prophet Ahijah
                                 what Ephrathite)out to
                                   captivity Israel Take
                                   sons and daughters
                                   removed they
                                        Northern tribes
       House of                 theWhat True the , I                        House of
                                        Lord House
                                  toTheasGod; behold
                                    Israelthrough the of
                                 thee tenA a Jeroboam
                                    returnCHART God
                                    pass about he hadone
                                         another into but
                                   Samaria,forsook into
                                his sight, asnation fire,
                                               pieces: for said
                                     said to Samaria, thus
                                     twothe The sontwo
        Judah                        will take the stick of                  Israel
         2 Tribes
                                   by Catholic and of
                                   Understanding and
                                 saith taking his theshall
                                      and and and the
                                stick;were taken in the
                                 andallhousesthey into
                                          used Lord Caucus
                                              over the
                                     Judahservants the
                                  Joseph, which is                           10 Tribes         G
                                      Rehoboam’s the will
                                   AssyrianSo throne
                                 TWO Ephraim, and
                                    hand of STICKS
                                 ofWho Israel
                                becomethe was thine
                                 enchantments, andI sold
                                 prophets. oneChurch
                                       Israel, Behold, for
                                         Mountains and
                                 Protestant Nation
                                          is aboutIsrael            S                          E
                                   HouseGod tookKing
                                  themselvesofof isout in
      Moreover, thou
    We have been told
      Tribe of Judah                                                    Then Tribes were
                                                                        Thesetake another
          of man, is
     son TribeJews
       that the oftake    T
                                 rend NATIONout ten
                                    intermarried do Israel
                                      carried you
                                       when to with
                                  has theAnddied ofthe
                                hand. heof whenof
                                and tribes andIsrael not
                                  400 yearsawaytheand of
                                    the House
                                           told              the
                                                                    T      Israel
                                                                           stick, Gentiles
                                                                           calledand write
                                                                                          is   N
J      God’s chosen
        (those of the
      thee one stick,     W
                                           hand together
                                      come concerning
                                                 out of the
                                         tribeskillthere (old
                                    thesight ofplacedto
                                    inhabitants land his
                                     of Assyria Jeroboam,
                                 thetheir of the Lord, to
                                 sought toown Solomon,
                                      is, will Nationday.
                                                                    I        God’s it, non-
                                                                              upon chosen
                                                                           (meaning For        T
                                      he the go far in
                                            ISREAL of
                                     fellows, and will put
                                  iron fled of ofland.
                                    provoke in to thy
                                soOf curtaintheSolomon
E   and write and itit,
       people, Judah)
     House of upon                rulership himcountries)
                                    Assyria untilthistribes
                                 and will untotenanger.             C   Joseph, theand it of
                                                                             people, stick     I
                                    again inson ofevenhe
                                   peopleking Christ
                          O          them with him,                       Jewish) by their
W    includes chosen
    are God’s these 2
      For Judah, and             understandingKing
                                 and thee: shall as the
                                  And theIsrael! said
                                died.movedtheof speak
                                 household, WestAssyria
                                     to Rehoboam shallhe well
                                  Therefore But Lord was            K       includes these
                                                                         Ephraim and for
                                                                           other kinsmen       L
                                with the stick the   of Judah,
S      tribes called
    for the children of
           people.                 very Jesus the Israel
                                      And7 raise Before
                                          andYears for
                                   wouldwhich all the
                                   haveangrymenis of my
                                   David,thee, saying,
                                    untoone tribeand his
                                             they with taxes
                                        brought left from
                                               settled              S   fromthe10 tribesof
                                                                           other House
                                                                           all thehouse of     E
            Jews!                    and make them                      (called Gentiles by
          Israel his
        This is only                 Come David’s show
                                          the sins.
                                         Messiah of be
                                and removedand from of
                                       Babylon, with his
                                    intermarried than out
                                      much Messiahthe
                                   commandments ofthe                          Israel his
                                                                         Judah when they       S
                                  stick, and Houses
                                  Wilt thou notshallin
                                                 they                     splitJudah)over
       partly true!!                    sight: Jerusalem’s
                                  Cuthah, andreasonKings
                                  inhabitants of was he
                                his The onlyto modern
                                father SolomonSetAvan
                                     and for there (II and
                                     Lord their God,ofnone
                                  Returns ashand.
                                          YAHSHUA Up
                                         us in mine of the
                                        one what thou
                                      Israel, molten                E
     (Ezekiel 37:16a)
                          J        and fromandallwhich
                                     didn’t take ten tribes
                                 12:9-11)Europe and I
                                         day city
                                       left the Hamath and
                                       made them
                                    sake,but the tribe of           P
                                                                          (Ezekiel 37:16b)
       Southern           U        have KINGDOM!
                                   HIS Sepharvaim,the
                                          12 TRIBES
                                          (Ezekiel 37:19)
                                images, awayon these?
                                  meanesttheout calves,
                                     tribesnation. of all
                                     eventually from and
                                     Judahevenand to the
                                   from chosentwotook               H       Northern
                                       the And their and
                                placedtribes their King
                                           MESSIAH                  R
                                        children the is
                                 Jew andofDavidname
                                      lineage a grove,cities
                                  Jeroboam ofof(USA)
                                  and made asin Israel
                                       Americas. Israel:
                                 worshipped all the in
                                        becauseof their have
                                  Because as David.
                                NowIsrael all the sins the
                                and are you beginning
                                 walked inthat they of of
                                     Samaria instead
                                 Jeroboamof andwhoand
                                 forsaken me,Days!
                                  as theISRAEL have
                                   children whichserved
                                   ofJeroboam washe you
                                         heaven, Israel; the
                                to understandandofdid;
                                they TwoKings 17:16)
                                worshipped Ashtoreth.
                                  they departed Samaria.
                                   lineage of Witnesses
                                   Baal. (IIare?? Jacob/Israel
                                Thepossessed not from
                      The TRUTH, the LIGHT and
                                 of the Last
             Yahshua is theChartBEFORE 7 Years the WAY
                                  KING of kings
                                CHRIST RETURNS
    Wherever and
  Jesus laid down his                Be Changed
S whenevergarden of              Kingdom of World
 soul in the LIGHT               Greater love hath no man                              W
AGethsemane. “Not
comes, Kingdom of
        Darkness must           And though thisthe of
                                     The Lord is Endtime
                                Eventhe KingdomSpirit;
                                   than this, that a man lay
                                                                      Kingdom of
T my does disappear.
 and will, but thine                                                     Light         O
                                   Two Kingdoms ofis
                                    Darkness (mind,are
                                  down his life whichwill
                                     Chart depicts the the
                                and where the Spirit evil
Light isThe Last Days
          stronger than     B                                         The Last Days    M
A                           T
                                   New World is freedom.
                                Lord is, there Order and
                                        world with his
                                the& emotions) forSatan
                                          at WAR!!
N Darkness, and is
          Those in this     A
                                    those inall with our face
                                             it, as the
                                    as we friends. world
                                   But its King, brings            AsThose in this in A
                                                                       a believer
                                                                I Kingdom continue
          kingdom wax
After laying down his
available to those who      B
                                                                S to lay more of their N
                                     having deeper into the
                                    plunges been unveiled,
                                  Ye are my friends, if ye         the death, burial
S soulto walk will &
        (mind, worse by
 want worse and in it, as   E
                            Y        only Death to all
        the Tribulation              The beheld darkness
                                dokingdom of the of the
                                havingKingdoms glory of
                                      whatsoever I command      R and resurrection S
                                those by World some are             lives (mind, will
emotions) unfolds. able
             he was         L
                                   ruled who mirror, of
                                  the Lord in apartakeof
                                              you.              A        of Christ,
                                                                    emotions) down in
S Yahshua/Jesus as
            down his
    to lay They were        O     those inwho call you not
                                     him, the I was of
                                        The Kingdom the
                                 Henceforth KINGDOM
                                    being changed into the                  YOU
                            H                                   E   order for the Spirit
 physical life and well!
      deceiving as being
E their Savior and          N
                            U    sameOF YAH/GOD to
                                         Tree of the
                                         image from glory
                                   servants; for the servant
                                         Yahwah/God             L        of Light to
                                                                    Are the glory of
LORD, AND dying to               knoweth notdieof his lord                                 S
E       (II Timothy 3:13)
      themselves!           R    Knowledge theGood
                                      decide from to Lord
                                    glory, asto what their          increased and He
                                                                    the Lord, in them,
                                   doeth: but I have called
                                selfish desires and the sins          to shine forth to    E
D     Deception brings
                            C     & Evil, Spirit.come to
                                              will                  wants to manifest
                                                                    those in Darkness
                            H    that friends; besets them,
                                 you so easily for all things        through YOU!          E
                                      its have as Light
                                    that Iend, heard my
    HALLEUJAH!!                     and let the glory of the              Life             D
          DEATH                  returns the Messiah to
                                      Father to the earth.
                                    light of I have made                  Life
                                       known unto you.
                                  shine into the Darkness!
                                     Evil Tree
                                  Kingdom to God
                                  From Glory of Glory

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