AC lean Start by A343R5


									A Clean Start!
Just Clean Your Hands for Long-Term Care

The SWOICN hand hygiene coaches have started their outreach to support long-
term care homes in the implementation of the Just Clean Your Hands program.
There has already been great learning on all sides and our coaches wanted to
share what they experienced during their first visit.

Thanks to Parkview Manor who were our very first visit. They are doing some terrific things and we had
the opportunity to observe their audit process which generated a good discussion afterwards. Firstly,
Parkview is using both patients and health care workers (HCW) in their champion posters and they look
great! They also have embraced ABHR in every patient room. For those times when the ABHR is far from
the bedside (like in a ward room) HCW’s must carry a small ABHR with them. When the small ABHR is
right there in their pocket, it protects both HCW’s and residents.

Parkview has also used their ABHR suppliers effectively to implement training. Additionally, they have a
HCW designated to audit regularly. Audit findings are shared with the staff members who have been
observed during audits. Confidential records are kept in order to determine educational and
environmental needs.

The observer/champion was great at giving feedback and knew some of the “moments” staff needed to
work on (like between patients in a ward room). We were able to offer some ideas: like putting tape on
the floor as a cue until people started to “get in the habit”. The tape acts as a strong visual cue to the
staff person that they are entering a new resident environment - another of the “4 moments.”

Overall, Parkview, you are stars, and we thank you for sharing your experience and teaching us, too.

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